When young Lib Dems get together…

by Harry Matthews

‘It’s great to see so many new faces at Conference and doing remarkable things together’ – That’s what our chair, Tom Wood, said as he drew Liberal Youth Conference to a close in Leeds today.

And he’s right: when young Lib Dems get together, great things happen:

· We shape Liberal Youth’s policy. For the first time we now have policy on internships. (Read the full motion, and others here.)

· We work with other groups. NUS President Liam Burns spoke to conference about how our two organisations can work better together.

· We hold our leaders to account. Read how Party President Tim Farron spoke exclusively to Liberal Youth bloggers here.

· We’re an amazing ground campaign force. Today alone, we delivered 6,000 leaflets for the local party in Leeds, and had a lot of fun while we were at it!

Coming next: Activate! – Liberal Youth’s big training weekend in June. We’ll send you more details soon.

Next time we get together, we want you to join us.

PS If you have any feedback about Conference or ideas for Activate, email me


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