Young & Elected: Jake Lyne

By Jake Lyne

Councillor Jake Lyne, just 19, kicks of The Libertine’s new feature that looks at the experiences of young, elected Liberal Democrats. If you’re “Young and Elected” get in touch with our editor Bobby on

My campaign started when I was talking to other members of the Liberal Democrat team and discussing what it took to become a Town Councillor and about their own campaigns.  This is what gave me the idea to run for Town Council and make a difference for the young people in my community. 

The experience I got from campaigning was unlike any other I had previously encountered.  Whilst it was probably the busiest time, it was also the most worthwhile.  I realized very quickly that I was not going to be able to manage on my own; not only because of the sheer amount of work that was involved.  I soon worked out that I was going to need a strong team behind me if I was going to get anywhere.  They were great supporters and never failed to give me a good boost of moral when I needed it!  I would not have been able to get onto the Town Council without them.

To start with, when I was campaigning door to door, I was very nervous.  However, as I kept doing it, the nervousness subsided and I got confident.  Knocking on people’s doors wasn’t always met with enthusiasm.  There were occasions when people did not want to talk to me but, for the main part, people were very supportive.

On the day of the election, my team and I started the campaign at 5am.  We started off by delivering my final leaflet.  After we had finished that, it was about 10am and we decided to split up and start knocking on doors.  This was the most time consuming as well as the most fruitful part of the day.  Personally, I did not stop talking to people until gone 8.30pm.  Fortunately, all of the hard work seemed to pay off so I do not feel that the day was wasted.

In my opinion, it is important for the young people to get involved because we are the next generation and we should have a say in the way our future is set out for us by the people of this generation.

The campaign process did seem stressful at the time, however, looking back in hindsight, every put down and boost upward was definitely worth it in the long run and I urge anyone, old or young, to get out and try it for themselves.  It is a very rewarding process when it pays off.


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