Are you Out for Marriage?

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
By Harry Matthews

I certainly am.

Equal Marriage has been a main campaign for Liberal Youth for a few years now and it is fantastic to see Lynne Featherstone and Liberal Democrats in Government delivering this.

I’ve outlined my reasons why I’m Out4Marriage here:

I’d really appreciate your support too and there are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Complete the Home Office Consultation (it closes on 14th June)
  2. Sign the Coalition for Equal Marriage’s petition
  3. Write to your MP to ask for their support and see whether they support Equal Marriage
  4. Register your support on our website.

Love is love, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Update – By Andrew

It seems that or lovely lot at LGBT+ Liberal Democrats have their own guide to winning the battle for equal marriage, and with not much time left to fill in the home office consultation, it’s really time you visited AboutTime


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