New Editorship at The Libertine

Hello and Welcome all! My name is Andrew Emmerson, I’m a 23 year old Masters Degree student studying International Politics at Newcastle University. I’m also a member of The Liberal Democrats and Liberal Youth. I also blog personally at I’ve agreed to take over the editorship of The Libertine.

I want to pay tribute to Bobby Dean and Harry Matthews and the rest of the Liberal Youth Team who’ve got the platform up and running, and provided a solid base for me to move it forward from.

I have plenty of exciting ideas to move the blog forward, but I can’t do it without you the readers, we are always looking for new contributors, and if you want to get involved please feel free to get in touch. Don’t worry too much about topics, we welcome a wide range of subjects, and we are always looking for a debate!

You can find me on Facebook

Also on Twitter

And by Email:

If you have any other queries, please also don’t hesitate to act! Let’s get this party started!


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