A month in the merde – what it’s like joining the Lib Dems!

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

By Liam Quinn

I recently joined the Liberal Democrats, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it so far. Be it Twitter barbs against people who pray for our extinction at the next General Election, or merely pointing out what a huge impact we’ve actually had in just 2 years, being a Liberal Democrat can be a tonne of fun!  (Editor: You should probably use Ton incase you get wrong of John Hemming) Since leaving the Conservatives (for reasons you can read about here) I have been made to feel very, very welcome in my new political home.

Since arriving, I have received personal messages from senior Liberal Democrats, including regular conversations with the superbly impressive Tim Farron. It would be fantastic to see more politicians involved with Twitter like Tim. I was inundated with congratulatory messages and warm welcomes from fellow Liberal Democrats on Twitter and Facebook, making a few new friends along the way. Maybe its the fact were a smaller Party in comparison to Labour/Tories, but the Liberal Democrats truly are a tight-knit, friendlier bunch.

A week after joining my shiny yellow membership card turned up with a bucket-load of leaflets and information, including a brief history of the Party and invites to local Liberal Democrat events. We receive weekly emails from senior politicians within the Party, forever asking for our opinion on policies and ideas. I’ve also been invited to a Liberal Youth event, which I sadly cannot attend, as well as crash accommodation for Conference this year. It seems that everybody is as welcoming and engaging as possible.

There are great sub-groups within the Liberal Democrats, including Liberal Reform, a natural home for Orange Book fans and economic liberals alike. But whatever your personal preference, liberty remains our priority.

This piece isn’t meant to act as a recruitment piece, but I hope that they’ll be a few who read it who begin to question if the Party there are in, really is the place for Liberalism. That is the joy of the Liberal Democrats, it doesn’t really matter if you are “left or right-wing” our main aim is to promote liberty, for everybody.

Personally, I’m at a bit of stand-still. Having just finished University I will be looking to join up with Manchester’s Liberal Democrat’s as soon as possible to get out on the streets to let the people know all the good work that the Liberal Democrats have done. I’d also like to look ahead to the future, hopefully working with like-minded people to see if we can come up with a brand new direction for the Party to head into to ensure that we are always progressing.

Oh, and somebody still owes me a meeting with David Laws!


One thought on “A month in the merde – what it’s like joining the Lib Dems!

  1. Hi Liam,

    I’m secretary of one of the Manchester local parties, and an active LGBT+ Lib Dems campaigner in the area – would be great to meet up for a chat sometime!

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