Five Years Time

Blimey. I love that Noah & the Whale song. But that’s not what this piece is about. It’s about where Liberal Youth will be in 2017 (that seems ages away).

It is quite a big question really. And has a few dependent factors, primarily dependent on the electoral position of the Liberal Democrats in 2017, post the next General Election.

However, I still think it is possible to predict. I think we’ll be as strong as we have ever been. By then I’d like Liberal Youth to have more than just 100 active people. I want to aim for 300. And those are people who go out and campaign under Liberal Youth’s name, who turn up to our events and generally are involved. Our membership sign up is passive. It’s why are voter turnout in elections are so low. You don’t actively sign up to be a member of Liberal Youth – you are automatically.

So I think we’ll have a more active membership base.

I also think we’ll have a strong NUS contingent. It’s something we’ve been lacking for a couple of years and is something I hope we’ll tackle in the next few months. It’ll mean any candidate will have to listen to liberal voices and not call us liars.

I suspect our conferences will be more integrated into regional conferences. Rather than having our own venue, we’ll move to living symbiotically off a regional conference.

In terms of Federal Conference, I hope we’ll continue to provide cheap accommodation to delegates – and also have a strong voice on policy & hold fringe events on topics that matter to young people.

But it’s not about what I think: tell me how you want Liberal Youth to be different in five years time below


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