What do the Liberal Youth Election Results Mean?

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By Andrew Emmerson, Editor of the Libertine

Earlier today, Liberal Youth Election results were posted, it was good news for almost all that stood. So congratulations to all who did make it. Commiserations to those who didn’t. The numbers are clear, but here is where I will try and add some meaning to them.

The first thing that must stand out from any look at the numbers, is the absolute tiny number of people that voted. It would be easy for myself, to try and be “loyal” and ignore the elephant in the room, the same most go towards new officers. When our Chair wins with only 56 votes and some regional positions only had 3 votes, then it is clear that we have a problem. It is not an insurmountable problem, but one nonetheless that must be addressed. It is obvious that we have lost members since the formation of the coalition, and this will form a part of the low turnout, but, I think more pressingly, is the sheer lack of engagement from the members that we actually have, amongst other things.  I would suggest if you were to judge our executive over the next year, it’s on engagement, and this is a good measure as to how well they’ve done.

I have to commend the team though at head office and Liberal Youth for releasing the results and numbers in full, it would be very easy to hide them away, and just release percentages, as i’ve seen so many organisations do. It was always a small risk, especially when people like Paul Staines pick up on it like so:

But new officers should use their opportunity to prove him wrong.

On a more positive note, everyone who re-stood for election, was re-elected into position. That includes Tom Wood for Chair, Callum Morton and Ben Richards for Campaigns, Bobby Dean for Communications, Adam Curran for Finance, Harriet Ainscough and Sam Fisk at international Officer and finally Conor McKenzie as England Convenor. This represents an endorsement of last years executive and the work that they have done, something to which they can be proud off.

It also represents a solid base for which to build on next year, undoubtedly the exec goes into their term with great experience, especially from the likes of Harry Matthews who has been promoted from Events to Vice Chair, but also new blood that should enthuse the team in William Dyer and Kavya Kaushik and keep Liberal Youth pushing forward.

The coming year has plenty of challenges for the team, I for one am looking forward to see how they conquer them.

I as editor of the Libertine, will also be inviting all the officers to write about their positions, what they are doing in their roles, and any opinions they want to put forward. Something I hope they will all take up.

So here it is from me, good luck to the new team! The Libertine watches on.


2 thoughts on “What do the Liberal Youth Election Results Mean?

  1. The real problem, which you don’t seem to have mentioned, was the lack
    of candidates. I didn’t vote because almost every position was
    uncontested! That would explain why there was no campaigning and makes
    it less impressive that the current team were reelected.

    1. Actually, you are entirely right. I missed that part out!

      I know a few people who didn’t vote for that very reason.

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