It’s time to think about Freshers

By Callum Morton & Ben Richards

As the academic year draws to a close, most young people are thinking about the summer ahead – not us though. At

Liberal Youth we’re already planning for the next academic year and we want this year’s Freshers (the inaugural party
/ join-a-society week at the start of the academic term) to be the one that puts us back on the map.

The Freshers period is incredibly important to our organisation, more so now than ever. We’re not naive, we know the
Liberal Democrats reputation on campus isn’t the same as it was a few years ago, but we’re working hard to put that
right. We need to show people we’re still the party that cares for young people the most and that’s why we’ll be giving
up our summers to make sure that message gets across.

We’ve been encouraged to see so many people already enquiring about our Freshers Packs so here’s an
announcement: they’re available to order now and this year they’re free!

The packs will contain the usual selection of freebies and materials for our key campaigns on equal marriage, drugs
reform, body confidence and IFLRY’s End Europe’s Last Dictatorship [Belarus] as well as tackling tuition fees head
on with a fact sheet. Of course Liberal Youth’s policy remains against fees, but it is important we dispel the damaging
myths that may be putting off our peers.

We’re not just talking about Universities either. We care about Further Education institutions and want our voices to
be heard there too. That’s why we stood up for the sector with our #pauseFEfees lobby,
working with the National Union of Students and the FE sector in doing so. We might not always see eye to eye with
the NUS but when it’s right to work together, we will.

As we said, we know lots of societies have been enquiring already and we want to get the packs out in good time
(delivery in August) so you’ll need to place your order pretty soon. Did we mention that they’re free? All donations
welcome of course, we’re not as flush as Conservative Future may be.

We hope you’ll join us this autumn and together we can make this Freshers one to remember.

Callum Morton & Ben Richards

Callum & Ben are the jobsharing Campaigns Officers in Liberal Youth. You can find them on Facebook, email or tweet @callum_morton


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