David Laws should return to Cabinet

David Laws
David Laws (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you believe the rumours, David Laws is set to return to Cabinet. In what can only be described as the most anticipated return to front-line politics of a generation, and crikey, just in time too. The Coalition is nearly at breaking point and Summer Recess came at just the right time. Squabbles, name-calling and a sense of general frustration was the dish of the day within the Coalition. Can one man hold the Coalition together? Certainly it looked like the two men who’s job it was (Cameron & Clegg) were about to fail to do so.


If there is anybody who can succeed with such a gargantuan task, it’s David Laws.


Laws’ mental capacity and intelligence is near unparalleled within the House of Commons. So true is this, that one Guardian writer could only come up with : “Can be aloof and often struggles to hide disdain for those of lesser intellectual ability.” as a drawback for David Laws’ return to Cabinet. Read: Easily slaps down idiots who cannot think beyond scripted responses/think for themselves.


Rumour has it he will be given a position in the cabinet without a portfolio, allowing him to meddle and interfere in a number of departments. Undoubtedly this will be to the country’s benefit. Expect to see a lot more from one of the more retiring MPs.


His main role will to act as a troubleshooter for policies, to pick up on any obvious problems before the Minister launches the policy. See #omnishambles.


His other role, as aforementioned will be to bind the Coalition. Arguably Laws is the most popular Liberal Democrat within the Tory party, his classical liberalism fits well with their economic policy. This appointment will be a popular one within the two parties. Make of that what you will.


David Laws will be back. Let’s hope he can live up to our expectations!



One thought on “David Laws should return to Cabinet

  1. David Laws’ return to Government is a step in the right direction, he fits well between the free-thinking minded Conservatives like Elizabeth Truss, a former Liberal Democrat, and Liberal Democrats like Jeremy Browne and Steve Webb. I think David and Ken Clarke’s position of having a ‘roving brief’, although more partial for David Laws’ case, shows that the spine for the rest of this Coalition’s time is going to be consensus by those politicans, who have more in common with the other coalition partner. Ken Clarke is the unofficial sixth Liberal Democrat.

    Additionally, I would like to point out that David Laws deserve a second chance in Government. My Father and other members of my family do not believe that David Laws should not be in the Government because of the fact that he misled people over his expenses. No one is going to deny that David Laws was wrong in this, but the question of whether he ultimately intended to deceive people on the fact that he exploited, the expenses system to benefit from it is the main question. I do not believe for any time during the period, did David Laws seek to benefit from it financially and therefore, should be giving a second chance to make amends for his previous lack of judgement.

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