Manchester Freshers

This post is from Robin Rea, reporting back from Freshers Fair at Manchester University. Hear how he got on…

I´ve spent the last two days helping out Manchester Liberal Youth at the Manchester University Freshers Fair. I´m pleased to say it was a great experience and we got lots of positive reactions from students.

I was surprised to find that the body confidence campaign was most popular, and not just because of the beer mats! The I ♥ ME Flyers grabbed people and they were happy to sign our petition when the campaign was explained.

Less surprising was the popularity of our wonderfully cute bear. And again, once the campaign was explained in quick terms people were happy to take part:

We´re trying to stop Europe´s last dictatorship, in Belarus.

We´ve got over 20,000 hits on our website, it´s a massive campaign.

Would you like a photo with our bear to show your support that we´ll upload to our website?

Thanks a lot, our stall is… if you´d like to know more about our campaigns.

During 9 hours Freshers of we had very few negative reactions and I don’t remember a single question on fees. That might change after Nick’s statement last night but if so then the ‘Facts on Fees’ sheet in the freshers packs provides a good starting point to respond.

In Manchester we were very lucky to be helped out by John Leech MP and Cllr. Mary Di Mauro. It was great to have experienced campaigners with us and to give students the chance to meet local elected representatives. Our stall was really well staffed by Dominic Hardwick, Sarah Harding, and Kat Pugh, having plenty of committed, engaging individuals meant we got to make the most out of the Freshers Pack material.

Freshers is a great opportunity to let students know that Liberal Youth are campaigning for things that matter. Students arrive at university having spent their whole lives being told what to do; we, as liberals, tell them that they should choose for themselves. Make the most of that unique selling point, and good luck with your Freshers Fairs.

Robin Rea is Acting Chair of North West Liberal Youth


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