Resignation: Bobby Dean, Communications Officer

Bobby Dean has been Communications Officer of Liberal Youth since 2011, being re-elected earlier this year, and was the person who founded the Libertine. Unfortunately, due to work commitments (we all have to pay the bills), Bobby has had to tender his resignation. His letter is below.

Dear team

It will come as little surprise to you that, following my period of extended leave, I have decided to step down from my role as Communications Officer.

This was not an easy decision and the delay in my announcement has in part been due to an attempt to find a way that I could stay on. The truth is, in the end, my work commitments became too great and frankly Liberal Youth deserves a better commitment of time.

They say not to name-drop on your exit for fear of leaving somebody out. At risk of embarrassing myself (and them!), I will be naming a few but be assured that every one of you has been a pleasure to work with

I’ll start with Tom Wood. I was lucky enough to enter office at the same time Tom was elected chair. His end-goal focussed mentality and collegiate authority has restored professionalism and respect to the organisation. He will no doubt continue to do us proud.

Harriet Ainscough and Sam Fisk have utterly transformed the international brief. Virtually forgotten about within LY before, we are now one of the more active members of IFLRY and LYMEC. Most recently, LY successfully contributed to IFLRY’s Belarus campaign with #BearsForBelarus – truly inspiring, truly innovative and utterly humbling.

Some of you will be aware of my extended involvement with IFLRY, this will continue and I hope to stay in touch with LY through this role.

Our former policy officer, Sarah Harding, is nothing short of remarkable. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Lib Dem has no end and – if we’re ever in Government again – they need to make this woman a minister.

Finally, I am not only taken aback by but also forever indebted to the master of all briefs – Harry Matthews. His ability to grasp what is needed (and deliver it) cannot be overstated. He has, without a quibble, masterfully covered for me in my absence and I feel safe that whoever takes up the Comms brief next will be in a good place with his direction.

There are many others that have inspired me along the way, I wish I could name them all but I know I must keep this brief for you to read it at all.

No parting shot from me, I just want to make it absolutely clear just how astounding what we do together is. None of us are paid. We have a frankly derisory budget. We all have other lives. Yet we are running a nationwide organisation with real ability to shape policy. Never lose sight of that and always be proud of your involvement.

For the sake of transparency and by way of announcing my resignation publicly, I will be asking the Editor of The Libertine to repost this letter to the blog.

Good luck in the future and no goodbyes, just see you soons.

Best wishes


The Libertine wishes him the best of luck, and hopes he can come back soon. All the best Bobby, all the best.


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