Liberal Youth at Brighton

This has been a busy week for Liberal Youth. With Freshers Branches (such as Manchester) getting a great reaction on the front-line of recruitment, and Nick Clegg’s auto-tuned apology going viral, we’re going into Liberal Democrat Autumn 2012 Conference in Brighton on a high.

While you’re there, Liberal Youth can be your guides. Our wonderful Exec have produced a guide to having an awesome time at Conference – it features everything from a ‘greatest hits’ guide to some of the best events for youth and students to attend, a who’s who of your Exec, MP bingo, and even numbers for getting a taxi or a takeaway after that last fringe of the night.

DOWNLOAD this amazingly valuable guide here.

They are also providing updates by text when some of the most important events start.

Go along to Stall 3 to talk your Exec, and find out more about Liberal Youth.


The Libertine will also be your friend over Conference. We’ll post the ‘best of’ list at the start of the day, and we’ll be tweeting your thoughts and details of events from @LYLibertine. We’ll also be chronicling the Conference.

Oh, go on then. One last time.


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