What to do at Conference: Saturday

Liberal Youth’s awesome Exec and Conference officer and committee have produced a guide to having a great time at Conference in Brighton. You can get your copy for free here!

Not only does it include the amazing MP Bingo, it has some highlights of the events which may be of interest to youth and student members. Here are today’s.

13:00 – 14:00 Fringe: Half-Time Oranges: How to renew the coalition
14.30-15.45 – Training: Introduction to youth campaigning.
15.55-16.40 – Motion: Getting the most out of schools
16.40-17.20 – Motion: Reform of the House of Lords
17.20 – 18.10 – Chill out time
18.30 – 19:30 Conference rally
19.30 – Liberal Youth social (all welcome)
20.15-21.30 Fringe: Disengaging from the Tories before May 2015
22.00 Blog of the year awards

You can find details on every event, and the entire week’s plan, here.

Enjoy your day! Go along to Stall 3 to meet tons of Liberal Youth members, follow us on @LYLibertine to keep up to date, and have a great time!


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