What to do at Conference: Wednesday

Liberal Youth’s awesome Exec and Conference officer and committee have produced a guide to having a great time at Conference in Brighton. You can get your copy for free here!

Not only does it include the amazing MP Bingo, it has some highlights of the events which may be of interest to youth and student members. Here are today’s.

09.00 – 09.45: Motion: Addressing under provision in mental health
09.45-10.35: Emergency motions
10.00-12.30 Go recruiting @ Brighton Uni’s LY Fresher’s stall
13.00-14.00 Fringe: Airbrushed generation
14.30 – 15.45: Party Awards and Leader’s Speech

You can find details on every event, and the entire week’s plan, here.

Enjoy your day! Go along to Stall 3 to meet tons of Liberal Youth members, follow us on @LYLibertine to keep up to date, and have a great time!

Tragically, today we Liberal Democrats say goodbye! Conference is over, and we return to our constituencies, colleges, universities and homes, and spread the libdemmy love wherever we can! Stay in touch with Liberal Youth, and we hope you enjoyed your time at Conference.

We will return! Not only do Liberal Youth hold our own conferences and training events, Liberal Democrat Conference will return to Brighton on the 8-10th of March next year, and go to Glasgow this time in 2013! See you there!


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