I’d like to thank the Academy…

The Libertine has won an award! We got a BOTY!

Liberal Democrat Voice, the foremost Liberal Democrat blog, hosts the Blog of the Year awards at Conference every year. This year, The Libertine won the Best New Blog award.

Firstly, I’d like to, on behalf of the whole community here at the Libertine, thank the judges and the LibDemVoice team for this honour. I’m sure we all truly appreciate it.

I’d also like to note that while it lists me as the editor – I’m not the one responsible. Without excellent blogs written by amazing Liberal Youth activists, this blog wouldn’t exist. It also wouldn’t exist without former LY Communications Officer Bobby Dean, who founded it, and it wouldn’t be in the excellent shape it is without former editor Andrew Emmerson. They all deserve far more credit than I.

I’d also like to add commiserations to the others shortlisted in this category – both excellent blogs by interesting people: Maria Pretzler’s Working Memories, and Liberal Youth’s own Josh Dixon with Liberal Insight.

In other news, Liberal Youth’s campaign Bears For Belarus got their own award, the Andrew Reeves award for Best Use of Social Media/e-Campaigning. Congratulations

I firmly believe that this shows the strength and influence of Liberal Youth, and the respect that others in the party have for us. We are well-known and well-liked. When we put our minds together, when we get together, we can do great things.

I’d also just like to note my regret’s at not being able to make the ceremony – I couldn’t make it to Conference due to organising Nottingham Liberal Youth’s stall at our Fresher’s Fair. Which is also why this post is delayed, apologies.

Cheers Lib Dem Voice. Here’s to another great year. See you all in Brighton and Glasgow in 2013.


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