LY/IFLRY go to Moldova!

IFLRY (the International Federation of Liberal Youth) are holding their General Assembly, Conference and Seminar in Moldova and we want YOU to join them!

IFLRY is the international affiliate of Liberal Youth, bringing together young liberals of all stripes from as far afield as Canada, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Sri Lanka and the Lebanon.

There will is a seminar on Gender Equality, 25th – 29th of November and which offers members a unique chance to discuss problems and solutions to Gender Equality with Liberals from around the world.  A must for anyone interested in the topic!  You can even get up to 80% of the cost subsidised!

After that there will be General Assembly and a conference on Political Inclusion, 30th November – 1st December, where you will be networking, debating and socialising with like minded people.

The costs:
General Assembly + Conference(30 November – 1 December): €130
General Assembly + Conference + Seminar(25 November – 1 December): €150
Seminar(25 November – 29 November): €100

This covers food and accommodation so a real bargain!

Interested? Get in touch with our International Officer

Don’t miss this chance to visit a unique country with fellow young liberals and discuss the world!


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