Liberal Youth Demo – Make Some Noise for Human Rights!

Nick Clegg backing Bears for Belarus

Next Wednesday Liberal Youth will be joined by members of Free Belarus Now to campaign for democracy and human rights in Belarus.  As Liberal Youth members or readers of this blog may know, we recently ran the ‘Bears For Belarus’ campaign – a social media based effort to raise awareness of the situation in the country.  Now we are taking the next step.

We want our concerns heard….and heard loud!

That’s why we are making noise for human rights outside the Belarusian Embassy in London.  We’re asking people to bring anything that can make some noise; an instrument, a pot, pan or even just your voice.  With photo stunts planned and placards we hope to be seen as well as heard.

We need to tell more people about the Dictatorship on our doorstep.  The Dictatorship torturing those who oppose the regime, censoring the media and committing many other crimes against human rights.  With no free, fair or open elections in over 10 years and young liberal protesters beaten we must show solidarity with those desperate for freedom and democracy on our doorstep.

This is the time for Liberal Youth to be a vocal international conscience of the party.  Let’s show we can be vocal about human right’s abuses and prove to the party we are an energised conscious force within the wider party.

So bring some noise and some friends and make noise for human rights!

Facebook event here


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