Resignation: Tom Wood, Chair of Liberal Youth.

Below is a statement from Tom Wood, Chair of Liberal Youth, who is resigning today.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

The last two and a half years on the Liberal Youth executive have been an exciting, exhilarating and often exhausting experience. Over those years the organisation has improved more than I had hoped. At times it has seemed that being part of Liberal Youth was a way of life that has eclipsed everything else, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

I always intended to see out the second term I was elected to and I was delighted at the endorsement I received at our Conference two weeks ago. Unfortunately it has since become clear that a minority of the members of the Executive did not support that resolution.

Liberal Youth needs to be united and act with common purpose if it is to continue to grow and to win influence within the party. We must not return to the sort of infighting and personal manoeuvring that has so damaged the organisation in the past. To be relevant we must act maturely and consistently.

Though being chair of Liberal Youth is, in normal circumstances, a wonderful experience, it is exhausting and requires a great deal of sacrifices. These are sacrifices I’m willing to make to work hard for an organisation I passionately believe in, but not in order to fight with a small group from my own team.

I am not willing to continue without the wholehearted support of the whole executive. If a different figure would help keep Liberal Youth campaigning and united then it is better that I step down.

I have therefore resigned as Chair of Liberal Youth to direct all my energies into my role as Organiser of Portsmouth Liberal Democrats.

I apologise to those I feel I have let down by leaving but I need to act for the common good. I would like to thank all those who have supported me in unanimous vote of commendation of my leadership at Conference, and the many members who have expressed their kind support for me in over the past couple of days both to me and to others, and to all the hard working activists across the country.

Sorry it had to end so soon, but it’s been a hell of a ride.

If any of you happen to be in Portsmouth I’ve got a sofa bed some nice whiskey and a big stack of Focus leaflets waiting for you.

Good luck Tom. Thank you for your hard work and dedication for the organisation.


7 thoughts on “Resignation: Tom Wood, Chair of Liberal Youth.

  1. I don’t know the extent of the background to this but I’m pretty certain I never had the whole-hearted support of the whole executive when I was chair. In fact I think i proposed motions of no-confidence in two of them!

  2. Well that’s another Liberal Youth Shambles good and proper. The last decent leader we had was Elaine. ever since the coup against her LY has been a disgrace to the wider party and needs taking over by the federal party and seriously reforming.

    The constitution is regularly ignored and they believe they are the be all and end all running campaigns young people who do not live at a university have little if any care about. Yay lets talk Belarus, good for the cold white Russians but how on earth does that affect the lives of young people.

    When was the last time there was discussion about the stigma young people suffer for just being young people. The benefits system paying under 25s less than over 25′s. under 25 being threatened with removal of housing benefit. under 25s being banned from claiming any form of tax credits. Age related minimum wages which are an excuse to pay young people less just for being young. Under 22s being banned from auto pension enrolment. Higher insurance charges just because people are young. The list goes an and Liberal Youth are doing nothing. All they are doing is talking about Drugs, Belarus and little else.Liberal Youth used to campaign on HMO’s poor quality housing for all young people and not just students. They used to campaign on Climate Change and the cost of living for young people, Further Education reform and youth NHS provision.That r has all been ditched for minority campaigns on things which do nothing to utilise the potential of Liberal Youth, who ever though this was how to run Liberal Youth has lost touch with reality.

    PR problem yes, a lack leadership Yes and no clue on what the real world is like. Liberal Youth needs to look outside of its own university centric self and actually embrace the issues affecting the Youth of today.

    1. Disgruntled Liberal makes some interesting points here.
      I for one am keen to see what the new chair has in store.

      I’m not sure a federal takeover is the answer, but it is clear that more involvement from federal level will probably be needed in order to prevent such pathetic issues from occuring on a regular basis.

      It is also surprising that a chair can go from a unanimous motion of commendation to being given a vote of no confidence by members of his executive. Clearly this percentage were in the minority?!

      It’s a pity. I hope LY has a plan going forward if we are to be taken seriously in the run up to 2015.

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