You can achieve a lot…

A week is a long time in politics, and this has been an incredible week for Liberal Democrats.

In a single week we have, as LiberalMartin notes

  • Achieved a Government Bill for Equal Marriage
  • Called for an end to the damaging war on drugs.
  • Vetoed the Tories’ planned ‘Snoopers Charter’
  • Cut taxes for low and middle income workers

And the best thing? Both equal marriage and an evidence based drugs policy have been Liberal Youth’s campaigns this year.

In York, Liberal Youth passed a motion through their Students Union calling for the union to lobby for evidence-based drugs policy.

Nottingham Liberal Youth is about to send 100 sentences of support for equal marriage to Maria Miller, Minister for Women and Equalities, through their Voices for Equal Marriage Campaign, to show the strength of support for the issue. I support equal marriage because something as beautiful as love should never be hidden. What about you?

Branches up and down the country are campaigning, lobbying and raising awareness of these and other issues.

Liberal Youth is still working on our body confidence campaign, and ending Europe’s last dictatorship. In fact, your Liberal Youth International Committee just made some noise for Belarus in front of their embassy in London.

Keep making noise for liberal issues, in Government, at Conference and on the streets and campuses of Britain… and Northern Ireland.  Don’t stop. No matter what.



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