Interview: Harry Matthews, Acting Chair

On the Libertine today, we have a brief interview with Acting Chair, Harry Matthews, following the resignation of Chair Tom Wood. Harry was formerly Vice Chair.

1. What are your plans for Liberal Youth during your tenure as Acting Chair?

Get a new chair co-opted, as well as showing our members, and the wider party, Liberal Youth can and will continue to function.

2. Do you feel prepared to take on the responsibility of chairing Liberal Youth?

It’s a big responsibility, but delegating effectively and not trying to do it all alone are crucial for success – Liberal Youth shouldn’t solely depend on its chair – it should depend on its members’ involvement.

3. If you could say anything to Tom right now, what would it be?

Thank you for all the work you did; I’m still up for a game of Fluxx.

4. How do you think recent events will be viewed in the wider party, and what might the implications be?

Now is crucial – infighting is what people expect, but I hope to prove the doubters wrong

5. A lot of criticism has come your way over the last few days, would you like to say something about that?

Well, one hilarious individual felt it was necessary to sign me up for the BNP’s mailing list and it is rather unpleasant to hear rumours about my own mental health. It saddens me that those individuals don’t have the courage to talk to me directly, but that’s youth politics for you. It’s throughly immature and tiresome of a few certain individuals. As well as having to give more time to my University studies and less to Liberal Youth, this has led me to decide I will be standing down as Vice Chair once a new Chair has been co-opted.

6. When can we expect a co-option for the exec and a new Chair, and what structure will these take?

I’m sorting out the details with LDHQ now – I hope it will be all sorted by the next Executive meeting, which is on 4th February. I’d like to try and get it to be an all member online ballot – using something like SurveyMonkey – but this might prove to be a little bit of a pipe dream.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

My door is always open, so please get in touch about anything!

If you have any further questions or views on the interview, leave them in the comments below. Apologies if your question wasn’t selected.


One thought on “Interview: Harry Matthews, Acting Chair

  1. Hi Harry,

    I’ve never met you, but would like to ask does leadership mean to yourself?

    For instance : If you have two members with competing but not necessarily mutually exclusive views, what would be your reaction and what would you do about it?

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