Statement on Results from Acting Chair

The Libertine has been sent a statement on the #LYElect election results by Acting Chair of Liberal Youth, Harry Matthews. As follows.

I’d first of all like to thank all the candidates for their continued patience. I know how annoying it is to wait for a result.

I want to reassure you that we’re working as fast as we can on this to get it done.

If anyone does have any issues, please contact Erlend, or myself.

The system BallotBin uses is Borda Count, not Ranked Pairs. The confusion came from BallotBin themselves. I’m sorry for the confusion.

The results will be announced as soon as the Returning Officer is confident in them. The worst thing to happen would be having to correct them at a later stage.

So again – please be patient, and direct concerns to me or Erlend directly.

Harry Matthews, Acting Chair of Liberal Youth

You can contact Harry on Twitter at @Hmatthews92 or via e-mail at Harry (dot) Matthews (at) liberalyouth (dot) org

You can contact Returning Officer, Erlend Watson on his e-mail at erlend (dot) watson (at) liberalyouth (dot) org


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