#LYElects : The Results!

Every election has to come to an end and #LYElects is no different. Our latest election/co-option mash-up ended and results are being released. Here are the figures.

Chair: Sam Fisk & Kavya Kaushik
Campaigns Officer: Lance Idiabor-Moses (Casely-Hayford)
Communications Officer: Steven Haynes
International Officer: Conor McKenzie
Membership Development Officer: Joshua Dixon
Non-Portfolio Officer: Reece Edmends

Chair (First Preference)
Sam Fisk & Kavya Kaushik (48.4%)
Katy Pritchard (34.4%)
Callum Morton (12.2%)
RON (5.0%)

Campaigns Officer (First Preference)
Arum Kempster (4.3%)
Ben Richards (9.6%)
Daniel Lewis (16.8%)
Josie Recknagel-Fessey (7.1%)
Lance Idiabor-Moses (36.9%)
Robin Rea (17.2%)
RON (7.8%)

Communications Officer
Steve Haynes (82.1%)
RON (17.9%)

International Officer
Conor McKenzie (58.8%)
Owen Bartholomew (33.0%)
RON (8.2%)

Membership Development Officer
Joshua Dixon (88.2%)
RON (11.8%)

Non-Portfolio Officer (First Preference)
Reece Edmends (48.7%)
Stace Williams (41.9%)
RON (9.3%)

The #LYElections ballot-paper also included survey questions!

  • 53% were voting for the first time in Liberal Youth elections
  • 50% are University students
  • 56% said they were members of the LY Chatbox on Facebook
  • 84% of voters were from England
  • 65% thought that Liberal Youth Scotland, IR Cymru and Liberal Youth Northern Ireland should have reserved places on Federal Committees
  • 90% thought Committee minutes and agenda should be published online

2 thoughts on “#LYElects : The Results!

  1. It was great to see so many people getting involved in the co-options.
    If you weren’t successful this time round, please don’t be discouraged.
    Do keep getting involved with your branches and regions and definitely consider standing in the federal elections in the summer.

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