Statement from our new Co-Chairs

The following is a statement from newly elected Liberal Youth co-Chairs Sam Fisk and Kavya Kaushik. Congratulations!

We would firstly like to say a huge thanks to Erlend Watson, Helen Duffett and Harry Matthews for running this election which saw online voting and big increase in voter turnout. Thanks should also go to all candidates in this election who helped stimulate the kind of debate Liberal Youth was in desperate need of.

A special mention again to Harry Matthews who has taken over being Chair the past few weeks and given everything to it. Through passing a budget, running elections and an equal marriage campaign he has given a lot of his time to Liberal Youth recently which we are very grateful for.

We will now be carrying out our 6 month plan to ensure Liberal Youth is an engaged and energised community of young liberals. We want to ensure Liberal Youth can be a community which is positive and wanting to make a difference in anyway possible – either through election campaigning or raising awareness of youth issues. We want to show Liberal Youth can make a positive difference not only in our party but our communities.

However to achieve this we need the help of not just the exec but all members. Throughout this campaign we listened to lots of members concerns and ideas for Liberal Youth and we want that to continue. We want Liberal Youth to be less exec focussed and more outward looking. If you have ideas for how we can make a difference in your local community or ideas to get more young people involved get in touch and tell us. If you want to help out an exec officer then tell them! There is no point having a Liberal Youth run entirely by just a group of an elected committee. If you want to help out we would love some help. Just drop us an email with your ideas and area of interest and we’ll get you involved. By sharing ideas and best practices from across the country we can make a huge difference in the next 6 months.

If you ever want to talk about anything, be it a suggestion, a complaint, a rant, praise -please get in touch immediately via email or Twitter. Please contact us for an invite to the Liberal Youth Facebook Chatbox to keep in the loop with our discussions.

We look forward to working with you all over the next 6 months. Its sure to be a busy and rewarding few months!

Sam & Kav

Our contact details:

Twitter: @samfisk93 @kavya_kaushik


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