How to engage with the main party – two opinions

Liberal Youth has our new executive, results here (the Libertine always provides).

One of the key issues for the new exec is to work out how Liberal Youth will engage with the ‘main’ party – as ally, critic, subsidiary… how?

Two members of the party have recently offered their opinions on Liberal Youth and it makes essential reading for all young liberals, not just exec members.

Lee Dargue, one of Liberal Youth’s new Honorary Vice-Presidents, wrote on LibDemVoice he sees that ‘Liberal Youth has changed for the better’ and he wants to see the promise of more. Read it here.

Dave Page, LibDem in Manchester, where Liberal Youth recently had our Conference, wrote on ‘how should Liberal Youth fit into the party’. Read it here.

It’s always great to hear from non-LY LibDems on LY and general youth matters, and if anyone else would like to comment, feel free to get in touch with our editor.


2 thoughts on “How to engage with the main party – two opinions

    1. Pleasure Dave! It’s always good to know we’re important enough to be written about by the ‘main’ party 🙂

      If you write any more, feel free to send me then (or if you ever want to write ‘to’ LY or any articles you’d think we’d be interested in, then I’d love to publish them) 🙂

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