Come to Helsinki with Liberal Youth!

We’re delighted to invite you to Helsinki to attend the awesome LYMEC (European Liberal Youth) training event ‘Redrafting Europe: How to Construct and Promote Liberalism for the Young Electorate’, running from 15th – 17th March.

The weekend will look at how best liberal youth organisations can work internally and with other bodies to hold political campaigns that spread the good message of liberalism and how a passionate and youth-led campaign can bring electoral and ideological success. Along with this there’ll be practical political marketing training on promoting an ideological message that answers the dangers of populism. The weekend will also be a great chance to meet and hang out with other like-minded young liberals from all around Europe. Be prepared to have a good time!

As well as being a fascinating event, it’s pretty cheap too. It’s only €30 (£25) which includes accommodation and food, plus an 80% travel costs refund (up to €250/£209)!

Up for it? Then get in touch with Ab Brightman by February 1st to apply for a place and she’ll also be very happy to answer any questions you may have. / @AbBrightman

Would love to go but can’t make this trip? Don’t worry – LYMEC are having their Spring Congress in April which looks set to be excellent and we’re hoping to put together a large delegation – keep an eye out here for when registration opens!


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