Birmingham LY campaign on equal marriage

The Liberal Democrat society at the University of Birmingham is very pleased to announce a joint campaign with the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual, Transsexual, and Queer Association on the topic of equal marriage. At the moment, we are organising to hold a joint event to signal our unwavering support for the equal marriage proposals put forward by the government.

Jonny Wharrad, Chair of the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats, said: “Given the recent proposals put forwards by the Coalition government, I feel that this is a fantastic opportunity for those in favour of equal marriage to really get their voices heard. I am really excited at the ideas proposed at our initial planning meeting, and I hope to see a great turnout at the event”.

The Liberal Democrats, in Government, are promoting an agenda of equal rights and equal opportunities for all in society.

Watch this space for future events, action days, and talks on this crucial topic.

Thanks to the University of Birmingham branch of LY for letting us know about their campaigns. If your branch has done something you want to shout about, get in touch with the Libertine or the editor, Morgan Griffith-David.

Follow the University of Birmingham on twitter and Chair Jonny Wharrad.


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