LY Campaigning in Eastleigh: Come join Team EastLY

Its by-election time and Liberal Youth need to help get a Liberal Democrat elected! We are neck and neck with the Tories in Eastleigh which means every phone call and leaflet delivered will make a real difference!

This is going to require a big team effort from Liberal Youth; here are the ways you can help.

Come to Eastleigh –

We can provide reasonable travel expenses, accommodation and £10 for food per day.  This means even if you’re a student and low on money, you can still come and campaign in person in Eastleigh.  There will be lots of big party names there, as well as lots of young liberals.  Please come any time you can.

The form for registering is here. If you have any queries, please contact katherine.pugh [at]

We’ll also be hosting a big Liberal Youth action weekend on the 23rd & 24th February.  There are guaranteed to be lots of young liberals to meet and a social atmosphere whilst we campaign.  This will be vital in helping the campaign’s last big push before polling day on Thursday 28th February.

A facebook event can be found here

Phone Banking:

Can’t make it down? No worries, there is still plenty for you to do!

The Lib Dems have a system called Connect which allows you to phone canvass from anywhere in the country! It will give you names, numbers and a script.

Why not make this a social event with your branch: “Eastleigh pizza and politics” can combine campaigning, chatting and eating!

Organise your event today and post a picture on this facebook page.

You can sign up to connect here

With the Tory candidate coming out against equal marriage, it’s up to us to ensure another liberal gets elected.  So get organised and get campaigning, it’s going to be a fun few weeks!

For updates follow the hash tag     #EastLY


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