Join European Liberal Youth in Estonia!

Our European umbrella organisation, European Liberal Youth (LYMEC), is holding their spring  Congress and seminar in Tallinn (Estonia) running from 24th – 28th April, and we are delighted to invite you to attend. This year the seminar topic is ‘Redrafting Europe’, and the Congress will feature the usual amount of spirited debates and policy-making. This is yet another brilliant opportunity to meet like-minded young liberals from around Europe!

More information about what the seminar and congress will cover can be found here.

If you would like to take part then there are two options:

  • You can go for the seminar and the congress (4 nights) costing 120 Euros, including all food and accommodation as well as 80% travel refunded (up to 250 Euros). For this option we have one place.
  • Or you can go for the congress (2 nights) costing 100 Euros, including all food and accommodation. For this option we have a number of places!

Please let Ab Brightman ( or via facebook) know that you want to be considered for a place and which option you want to for, along with any questions you may have, by midday on 27th February. Feel free to apply for both options as your chances to attend the congress will be much higher than attending the seminar and congress, and we’d love to send as big a delegation as possible as this is such a fantastic experience!

Please do not book flights until you have received confirmation of a place from LYMEC after Feburary 28th.

If you can’t make or don’t want to come to the congress then you can still submit policy resolutions to be debated at the congress (as can any attendees) – please email with your ideas by 1st April (no need for it to be a complete draft as Conor and the rest of the International Committee will be happy to work on the policy with you).


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