Another chance to join the Liberal Youth team

Regret not standing in the recent Liberal Youth elections? Feel you have something to contribute? Loved Eastleigh and want to help the next campaign?

This is a chance to shape the future of Liberal Youth, in what looks to be an exciting few months for the organisation.

The following positions are up for co-option:

  • Vice Chair
  • England Convener
  • International Committee Member

Nominations are open until Monday 11th March, after which voting will last for 24 hours.

In co-options, executive committees vote.  For Vice Chair, the federal Liberal Youth Executive vote and for England Convener, the English Liberal Youth Executive Vote. Likewise the International Committee and Policy Committee will vote for their new member.

The nominate yourself you will need to provide the following information:
Full Name
Postal Address
Email Address
Mobile Number
Membership Number
Membership numbers & names of 2 other Liberal Youth members who are nominating you.
200 words on why you will be good for the role.

Please send these to our Returning Officer – Caron Lindsay – at  caronsmusings [at] with the subject title “LY co-options” before Monday 11th March 5pm.


Nominations Open: 4th March
Nominations Close: 11th March 5pm
Voting Opens:  12th March 5pm
Voting Closes:  13th March 5pm
Results announced: 13th March


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