Liberal Youth Policy Consultation Results

Liberal Youth is conducting a Policy Consultation ahead of Federal Conference in Brighton. Here are some preliminary results presented by Policy Officer, Will Dyer. Enjoy! You can still take part in the consultation, details are below.

It should firstly be stated that this policy consultation does not make the following results the official position of Liberal Youth.  Liberal Youth policy is formally decided at Liberal Youth Conference, the next being this summer.

Yet this consultation does raise some policy issues.  Firstly, it should be noted that this is based upon the first 80 responses – a figure that is over double the turnout at the last Liberal Youth Conference.  Furthermore, with the Federal party starting its consultation on these topics tomorrow, it gives us the chance to feedback instantly what Liberal Youth members think and ensure our voice is heard in the 2015 manifesto process.  Although the results cannot be said to be Liberal Youth Policy, they are the views of many of our members.

Please note there is still time to fill out the first Liberal Youth Policy Consultation. Please find details below.

The results below are just the headlines from the closed questions; the real substance from this consultation comes from the open text boxes where members gave us their policy views in detail.  We thought it best to put out these headlines before the Federal party begins its consultation tomorrow, and after Conference I will be going through each written response.  This gives the Policy Committee a great chance to shape Liberal Youth policy, with a large quantity of feedback from members.  Liberal Youth Conference this summer is set to have some big debates on policy.

The feedback we have received on this survey has been largely positive but with this being our first, there are naturally a lot of teething problems to address.

The feedback did point to holding more of these and with topics such as civil liberties, health and many more to cover, there is a lot of potential with this method.

If you have not already, please do complete this survey! Contact (Co-Chair – Liberal Youth)  or (Policy Officer) if you are a Liberal Youth member but have not received one (check your spam folder just in case!).

If you want to get involved in Liberal Youth Policy or have questions about this consultation, please drop me an email at or tweet me @WilliamPHDyer

See you at conference!









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