Join Liberal Youth in Strasbourg!

The International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) has just opened up registration for their event ‘Rights4Youth Summit: Access of young people to human rights‘, and we are delighted to invite you to attend!Image

The event will be held in Strasbourg, France from 20-23rd April (with travel on the 19th and 24th). As well as the usual fun meeting and hanging out with young liberals from around the world, the Summit will attempt to outline what a rights-based approach for youth could mean from a liberal perspective, as well as analyse and discover ways how to promote the access of youth to rights on national and European levels and what roles political youth organisations can play.

The participation fee is only 100 euros (including food and accommodation too!) and 80% of your travel costs are covered (up to 200 euros). All you have to do is fill in this form by April 1st and wait to see if you get a place!

For more information please check out this and you can find the facebook event here for updates.

The above form will ask for LY contact details – please use (Conor is our International Officer). If you have any questions then please get in touch with Conor or Ab Brightman –
We really hope you decide to go for it, it’ll be an awesome experience!
Note: please only apply if you are a current member of Liberal Youth or your application will be rejected.

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