Live Blog: Grill Liberal Youth

We’ll be live-blogging Grill Liberal Youth here from 7pm.

View the first session and the second session now.

1900: 15 minutes ago, get your spatulas at the ready to grill the Exec…

1907: Hopefully, we’ll have a link that you’ll be able to watch along. Of course, if you can’t watch, you can read all the action here!

1911: We’re expecting all portfolio officers, bar Josh Dixon (Membership Development) to be on the Hangout this evening. Josh is attending the NUS’ National Conference in Sheffield.

1914: Chris Butler, who has long been involved with Liberal Youth, will be chairing the Hangout this evening.

1916: We’re expecting a link any time now…

1917: And already members are questioning the timing of the Hangout

1919: There are apparently ‘technical difficulties’; I promise, very soon we’ll get started.

1920: Coordinating 10 or so people is actually quite hard…

1922: Seems there is an issue with getting the Hangout public.

1923: It’s days like these I’m very glad I’m not on the Exec anymore.

1924: My housemates are upstairs watching Game of Thrones and I’m here waiting for a Google Hangout. I’m not sure who has it better…

1926: And we’ve had the first call for No Con-ing the Exec

1929: Of course, the big question tonight is about Cats, Koalas or Sloths.

1930: It seems Conor is having fun

1931: It seems that IR Cymru have created #grillIRC to ask silly questions to Sam Bennett. Wonderful.

1933: Right, I’m going to put on some music now. Silence is weird.

1934: You should all check out Bon Iver, Bon Iver by Bon Iver. Specifically Perth & Wash.

1935: There is currently a discussion on Twitter about ‘Gay Cards’. I thought us Lib Dems were against ID Cards…


1937: I can see Sam, Kavya, Steven & Chris Butler…

1938: Lots of talks of Invites. I don’t know if they know we can see them.

1939: They’ve noticed us…!

1939: I love this tweet

1940: First question about whether Liberal Youth is just about being a campaigning organisation. This is awkward for me. Sam is answering it talking about other stuff, like meeting members.

1941: Will Dyer also chipped in there about LY’s independence. And now a question to Lance (who’s lost his voice…) which will be answered later…

1942: Ooh, my question about Sam & Kav’s 6 month plan. “We’re on track” says Kav…

1942: Sound quality is terribad. MUTE YOUR MICS IF YOU’RE NOT SPEAKING, omg.

1943: Lots of questions to Will Dyer about his job. Too lazy to write them all down tbh.

1945: Will came to office too late to submit anything to Autumn Conference (I wonder about the handover then…); FCC rejected our motions for Spring Conference because of lack of time. No really mention about what is being submitted to Glasgow Conference.

1945: Previous Policy Officer, Sarah Harding, has already replied to Will Dyer’s answer…

1946: Question about so much constitutional stuff. And then the feed dropped. Joy.

1947: It seems somebody clicked the stop/end button… Awks.

1948: Personally, I love the hashtag. It looks so silly without the capitalisation: grilly. Look how silly it is.

1949: Pretty certain Sam & Kav said any questions not answered would be answered possibly on the Ask.FM page (and you know how much I love Ask.FM…)

1951: You can watch the first session here

1952: Second session will be broadcast from here. Click that one. All of other links are impostors.

1953: And here we go again.

1954: Question about Accessibility of Liberal Youth Conference. Stu answering now…

1954: Yay for tweetwalls. Questions over Data Protection (not sure they’re valid for an event people pay for to attend…)

1955: The Constitution question. Already plans for loads at next LY Conference. *sigh*

1956: Sam answering well. My motto is ‘Use the constitution only when common sense fails…’

1957: Question to Conor about furthering the Belarus Campaign; relaunching broadly to Freedom of Speech. Video based apparently… not sure it covered what actually would be the goal/aim though…

1958: More questions on Policy. Sounded technical. I was preoccupied typing. Soz.

1958: It’s about policy working groups and being effective. Will is talking about sitting in on Federal Policy Committee and meeting up with our parliamentarians (who, who) about unpaid internships…

2000: ‘What is the core objective of the Liberal Youth website?’ for Steven. ‘Engagement and walls of text bad’ and ‘about taking the next step with Liberal Youth’. Steven has done good work on getting the website back up (a complete pain in the arse!).

2000: Steven, yes, this! You are saying ~good~ things about old website being a horrible mess.

2001: Question to Stu about Fringe events at Glasgow. ‘One fringe a day’ to continue. Nothing firm yet, but one may be a ‘Welcome to Conference’ reception.

2002: Question from Robin Rea on twitter about why printing materials so early. Kavya is answering that not enough time to sort stuff. Which is why I changed the election time. Cos I’m awesome like that 😉

2003: I love the awkward pause after someone finishes answering a question and a new one being asked.

2004: Conor now being asked about his 6 month plan. Again, on track &c, apart from an event thing that he didn’t plan or something.

2005: Haha. Which non Lib Dem young politico would you like to join Liberal Youth? Sam says Owen Jones.

2006: Supposed to be phoning my mum at some point.

2006: And a question about getting more women involved, Kavya kinda faded out. And there’s lots of good stuff I’m sure.

2007: Tommy Long has a point…

2007: Another question for Will about more policy consultations.

2008: Apparently people can’t focus on elections and a Policy Consultation. Will’s answer seems a bit wishy washy about the next one (being in sometime in June)…

2009: Will mentions online policy. Now the website is back up, he should talk to Dougy Hunt and get the Policy & Campaigns Network up very, very quickly.

2009: Question on click throughs. 20-25% on average. 30% is good from what I’ve been told by LDHQ people…

2011: This is interesting, so I’m not really focussing on what to write. Listen to this later.

2012: Another question to Conor about some international forum thing. Too many acronyms.



2014: Those people correcting Kav on ‘Everyone’, which should be ‘Every person’, please, please go look at yourself. Too on message, guys.

2015: Another question on Policy. Joy of joys… It’s about Electoral Reform and coalitions and not really that relevant to Liberal Youth if I’m honest.

2017: More talk of electoral reform. Not sure if this is worse than talking about constitutions.


2019: That question was super long. It’s about ‘careerists being bad’. Not a training ground.

2019: ‘If you want to be a MP, don’t be a Lib Dem’ Kav.

2020: I think Kavya needs a cup of tea.


2021: Let people do whatever they want tbh. That’s being a liberal, innit.

2022: I can hear my housemates giggling. I want to go and hang out with them.

2023: A 17 y/o member says LY is ‘inaccessible’. St Albans is a good example of how to not be douche-y students.

2024: ‘The Best Lib Dem you can be’

2025: SEFS klaxon.

2026: Question about the Immigration petition and what was the response. The webinar was a good idea. It should happen for lolz.

2027: FYI, Nick’s Office are super lovely, but super busy. They have loooooooads of letters and emails a day.

2028: InterComm member Ab Brightman asks what InterComm is doing. :p

2029: There are some events happening. I don’t even know anymore.

2030: A question about why you should be a Lib Dem if you don’t like the coalition. Will is talking about that we shouldn’t give as much stuff to the tories, but what. Will can send an email to our MPs and ‘we’ll see what we can do to change it’.

2031: I know this is being recorded, but so derivative. I should have sorted a Grill LY bingo.

2032: Where is Adam Curran?

2033: The grants for IR Cymru and Liberal Youth Scotland were sorted back in January. I know cos I sorted it. Why the delay?

2034: 76 responses to Freshers Campaign Consultation. No beer mats please.


2036: Which wild animal would the executive have as a pet? Will says butterflies. Didn’t hear Steven’s answer. Sam says sloths. I typed that before he answered. Cats are better. Just saying.

2037: Poor Kavya hasn’t seen any animals ever and Conor says Koalas.

2037: And that’s that! I’m free.


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