Liberal Youth Executive sets up Campaign Working Group

At Saturday’s Executive meeting, a Campaigns Working Group was established, with the Campaigns Officer, International Officer and State Representatives as provisionally its members. The intention is to help the Campaigns Officer with their work, much like Conference Committee, Policy Committee & International Committee help their respective officers.

The idea to form a Campaigns Committee in some shape or form has recently become one of the debates in the Campaigns Officer election. Lance Idiabor-Moses, the current Campaigns Officer, made the pledge to form a committee back in the January co-options and backed the plans, saying “Execs can end up with a lot on their plate, so the idea would be to shift the workload elsewhere and to also keep vital communication between the devolved nations and the Executive”.

Robin Rea, another candidate, commented that “The Group doesn’t include the right people. It should include the Communications Officer. I will establish a real Campaigns Committee as soon as possible that will properly engage our members in our campaigns.”


One thought on “Liberal Youth Executive sets up Campaign Working Group

  1. I voted on the Exec for the decision to create the Working Group (if I am allowed to disclose such things). However, I feel that Liberal Youth has enough elected committees as it is, with a place for just about anyone who wants it- there is a worry that we might not fill a Campaigns Committee. The whole of LY is meant to be campaigns focused anyway, with everyone having campaigns as their top priority. Plus there are the NPOs (i.e. me), who could be used for a lot more campaigns stuff if necessary.

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