Go Out and Win

In Liberal Youth world, #LYElects has started, hopefully full of debate and ideas.

However in the real world, a battle is ongoing.

Liberal Democrat councillors up and down the country and battling day in, day out, right now to make sure their local community is properly represented. Candidates are giving up their time, money and feet to make sure the best liberal democrat candidates are in place, and that localism and liberalism take pride of place on councils across the country.

For every time that RON joke is made, a long comment thread on someone standing or twitter argument over constitutional reform takes place, a Liberal Democrat candidate is trying to win votes.

Admittedly the more debate and discussion that surrounds LYElects the better. I want this to be the most debated and contested set of elections ever, but there is plenty of time left and plenty of other pressing priorities.

So, last night I tweeted a pledge. For every 1 hour talking about LYelects, I think candidates should spend 1 hour campaigning in their local area or for Liberal Youth Gold Guard.

Being on the exec is about leading from the front. It’s about being the first, picking up the phone when no one else will or can…or even posting a picture of yourself with a teddy bear in some naïve hope people would join you.

So candidates remember, leading from the front starts now. If you believe Liberal Youth should be a campaigning force, show it.

To those voting, if you want the next exec to make sure Liberal Youth is on the doorstep and making a difference like in Eastleigh, tell them.

Take my pledge or not, I’m not going to make a list of who has or who hasn’t. Tell me LYElects is more important or that I’m being my usual plain silly self. But for me, there are bigger things on the horizon. There will be a whole month after 2nd May to discuss LYElects, and time is running out before polling day.

We can take Somerset County Council off the Tories, and remain the largest party on Northumberland County Council. We can even help out councillors who are unable to get out and campaign at the moment. So pick up the phone, sign up to our action weekends which include food and travel expenses, and make a difference.

If you are standing in your area, or campaigning along your local party, record a short video blog for TodayIMadeAdifference.com

Liberal Youth has the chance to make a difference this month, the party and our members expect that of us, so let’s show them.

Sam Fisk is a Second Year Social & Political Sciences Student (Not a science subject – Ed.) at the University of York and is Co-Chair of Liberal Youth. You can follow him on Twitter: @samfisk93


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