Free Maxwell Dlamini

The outgoing President of the Swaziland equivalent of NUS, Maxwell Dlamini, has recently been detained charged with sedition. Maxwell is a leading voice in the Swazi student movement and recently recorded a video message of support for the student movement, which was shown at the recent NUS Conference in Sheffield.

The campaign to Free Maxwell is being run by the NUS. The campaign calls on students to back the right for student unionists in Swaziland to be able to carry out their democratic rights of protest without fear of arrest from the Swazi Government.

The campaign site states the following:

NUS, Action for Southern Africa and The Free Maxwell Dlamini Campaign, a coalition of Swazis and international groups, are demanding that Maxwell Dlamini is released unconditionally with immediate effect.

We are also calling that any and all wrongdoings committed by Swaziland’s police forces and security forces towards Maxwell Dlamini and other members of Swaziland’s democratic movement are investigated, and that any perpetrators are brought before a court of law.

We have written to Mark Simmonds MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to ask that the UK puts pressure on the Swaziland authorities to free Maxwell.

I would personally urge all Liberal Youth members, particularly those in the student movement, to join the campaign to free Maxwell Dlamini and to spread the message as far and wide as possible.

The first step is to sign the petition on the NUS site which can be found at

Spread the word and let us help free Maxwell Dlamini.

Josh Dixon, Politics student at Brunel University. Lover of cats and all things wine related.


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