LY Elects ’13 Interviews: Daniel Lewis

Why did you decided to run?
I decided to run because I felt I have something to offer basically. I am committed to the party and Liberal Youth and have the time and energy to invest in making Liberal Youth the best it can be. I decided on NPO because I feel my experience in Westminster, constituency offices and in “the real world” have given me a broad base of skills which can be used to help out other members of the exec,

What will be your number one priority if elected?
In many ways that’s not for me to decide. I will act as I am requested to by the other members of the exec in line with the role description set out by the constitution. However I will always try and ensure that whatever we are doing helps further the aims of increasing communication with our membership, electing Liberal Democrats and making Liberal Youth an organisation which is easy to get involved with for new members.

What is the one reason people should vote for you?
I should hope there isn’t only one. I have already outlined my commitment, energy and experience but above and beyond those is my overarching desire to improve Liberal Youth for Liberal Youth members. Often we will talk of impressing the party, which is of course important, but to seldom we discuss impressing new members or first time attendees at events.

What are your ideas for improving Liberal Youth then?
I have offered up a few ideas about improving engagement and making it easier to get involved on my website. I have also tabled a constitutional amendment (sorry!) to remove the need for two nominators which serves little purpose but to prevent those new to Liberal Youth getting involved. I also hope to work to improve fund-raising with major donors though that would have to be discussed with the relevant portfolio officer. However a NPO shouldn’t be about pushing his or her own pet projects but instead providing the best possible support to the portfolio officers

What will be the first thing you’ll do to improve Liberal Youth?
I will work with the portfolio officers as they require me to do. However to better answer the question I do have a couple of ideas about membership development which I’d like to discuss with the next Membership Development Officer.

Daniel Lewis is running to be one of two Non Portfolio Officers on Liberal Youth’s Federal Executive. You can find out more him and the other candidates here.
All candidates were invited to be interviewed.

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