LY Elects ’13 Interviews: John Ashton

Why did you decide to run?
Because, when I started up an LY branch, the hardest thing to get going was policy debate—not because we were short of ideas, but because it takes the wind out of your sails a bit, knowing that no matter how well you pitch your idea, it still won’t go beyond this room and the ten people in it, who already know you  well enough to know what you’re going to say. And even more frustratingly, because I know that in LY branches all over the country, very bright young things are coming up with ideas that I want to hear. So I’m running because I want to talk policy with some of those people, and because I want to help branches talk to each-other.

What will be your number one priority if elected?
What I’d like to do is set up regular policy emails which circulate recorded talks and presentations from branch members. That way, not only would we stimulate debate, but people would know that their ideas are reaching the entire LY network. Everything would be hosted on a closed Facebook page, because I know anyone with an ounce of sense will be hesitant about flinging their nascent ideas indiscriminately across the interwebs. Obviously I’d only be a committee member, and I’m an outsider so I’m not familiar with the way LY works, but I look forward to working with the Policy Officer and trying to get this set up, because I think it would get loads of people who aren’t otherwise interested in LY to talk to each-other.

What is the one reason people should vote for you?
I’m quite open-minded: I’m nowhere near enough of a policy geek that I would stubbornly argue over a policy or reject anything out of hand. The reason I’m bothering is to help other people have their say. I am a bit of an Apple geek so I’d be useful at editing videos together with PowerPoints &c. Last year I was given the award for Outstanding Contribution to Liberal Youth, which I’m proud of, and I’d like to contribute more.

John Ashton is running to be a member of Policy Committee. You can find out more him and the other candidates here.
All candidates were invited to be interviewed.

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