LY Elects ’13 Interviews: Maria Wilder

Why did you decide to run?
I decided to run for a position at Liberal Youth Elections because a ‘little Liberal bird’ told me to – I simply obeyed. But, no, apart from much-appreciated advice from a very lovely, perhaps overly eager young man, I decided to run for this particular position – International Committee Member – due to seeing it as the best possible (and realistic) ‘tool’ for materialising my passion towards international affairs. Liberal Youth has so much potential to unleash; it is not only the highly successful ‘Bears for Belarus’ campaign, which caught my attention during the spring conference in Brighton, but also the foundational principles of the party, which make the promotion of human rights and social justice uniformly accepted and thereby also practiced. As I am a fairly new member of the party, seeing so many Liberally-solidaristic members – young and old – makes me feel well-accepted.

What will be your number one priority if elected?
As I have already stated in my manifesto – my role is mainly advisory and consultative in comparison to the role of the International Officer. Even though I initially thought about running for the position of International Officer, I was soon faced with my own insufficient capacity – mainly time-wise – in committing to a role such as this (I have been accepted to volunteer abroad for three months via an international development agency VSO). But coming back to my main point – my number one priority, if elected, will be in improving the way international affairs and foreign policy within Liberal Youth is treated, by: 1.) Broadening the selection of probable campaigns (anti-racism/immigrant hate campaign anyone?), as well as making them more factually-informative; 2.) Helping to render our policy-making with regard to international affairs more accurate and prescriptive. Liberal Youth is not just a ‘youth wing’ of the party, but a fully able and vocal PART of it. Let’s make ourselves heard!

What is the one reason people should vote for you?
If you want to see Liberal Youth become more emancipated into the party with regard to international issues and corresponding action – vote for me! As much as I am physically and mentally able to do, I promise to deliver on OUR common concerns related to human rights and social justice.

Maria Wilder is running to be elected onto Liberal Youth’s International Committee. You can find out more her and the other candidates here.
All candidates were invited to be interviewed.

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