LY Elects ’13 Interviews: Stephen Sherwood

Why did you decide to run?
I decided to run for WM Regional Chair, after quite a bit of deliberation, because I believe i can use my skills to create a fully functioning Regional Branch.

What will be your number one priority if elected?
My main priority, if elected, to finish establishing a fully working executive. In addition, i would review and lead tasks needed to create a fully-functioning network of local LY Branches.

What is the one reason people should vote for you?
I believe that people should vote for me as West Midlands Regional Chair because i have the communication skills and some leadership experience, needed to successfully execute this role.

How involved have you been in Liberal Youth, specifically in the West Midlands?
I have been involved with Liberal Youth (LY) for at least a year now and attended last year’s LY conference in Leeds. I have been on the executive of West Midlands Liberal Youth (WMLY) since roughly February as Fundraising Officer. I have also been involved with WMLY in a more local capacity as trying to work with others in my local party to try and establish a more fully active LY branch in Herefordshire. As part of this, I have been the youngest member, by far, of my local party’s executive.

What sort of tasks do you think are needed to create a network between branches in the region?
I believe that the following tasks need to be completed, while working with the other relevant officers of the WMLY executive in order to create a fully-functioning network between the branches and the region:

  1. To review where we have successful branches currently and where we currently have little or no representation in terms of local branch
  2. Discuss with successful branches the idea of “teaming up”/mentoring less successful branches.
  3. Create a plan, with help of Membership and Social Officer’s of visits/roadshow/social events to increase the knowledge of WMLY within young people, within the areas that have been less successful local branches.
  4. Review, and increase where necessary, the representation of young people on the executive’s of local parties and once established to have regular feedback meetings with them.
  5. Review if any improvements are needed as to how the Regional Exec communicates with both local branches and members of LY within the West Midlands.
  6. I will personally aim to visit each area covered by WMLY at least twice during my term of office.

Stephen Sherwood is running to be West Midlands Regional Chair. You can find out more him and the other candidates here.

All candidates were invited to be interviewed.

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