LY Elects ’13: Results

Yesterday voting closed for Liberal Youth Elections and the results were announced by the lovely Caron Lindsay, Liberal Youth’s Returning Officer.

Liberal Youth has elected Sarah Harding and Hannah Thompson as Chair and Vice Chair of Liberal Youth respectively. Harding defeated Callum Leslie, who on Twitter said that “the fight for liberation and radicalism” is not over. Thompson beat Liberal Youth stalwart, Stuart Brown, by 147 votes to 69, a majority of 78.

All those standing unopposed for Executive positions won, meaning that Robin Rea is the new Campaigns Officer, succeeding Lance Idiabor-Moses, Conor McKenzie will take over Events and Ab Brightman succeeding at International. Matt Downey will replace Josh Dixon as Membership Development Officer and Steven Haynes will continue as Liberal Youth’s Communications Officer.

James King & Robin McGhee will be Liberal Youth’s next treasurers, after defeating Tommy Long by 15 votes in the final round, while Morgan Griffith-David defeated Will Dyer, the incumbent Policy Officer. Stuart Wheatcroft will continue as England Convenor.

The two Non-Portfolio Officers from 1st July will be Andrew Emmerson and Linden Parker, which went to six rounds, with Parker beating Daniel Lewis by 1 vote in the end.

In a set of elections where very few upsets were expected, most of the Executive positions could have been called before voting began. Also interesting to note how activity by the candidates and member dwindled in the last two weeks, as those most involved with Liberal Youth had voted. Turnout is estimated to be above 10% which is another clear sign that Electronic Voting is a positive step forward, especially considering this time last year turnout was just under 4%.

We wish those elected the best of luck in their term of office.

The full results, including those for Regional & Committee positions, can be found on Lib Dem Voice.

UPDATE: We have now received the full voting tables, so here are some pie charts:

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