What Northern Ireland needs is a hand UP, not a handOUT…

Liberal Democrats in Northern Ireland

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

by Áine McGrath

Here we are more than 15 years after the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was signed and I, like many others, am left with the feeling that what we were promised isn’t what we’ve ended up with.

The 1990s have proven to be a pivotal point in Northern Ireland’s story. First we had the ceasefires, then we had the Agreement and ultimately the establishment of devolved government. All the while these monumental political changes were buoyed by a combination of relief and hope amongst our people, and substantial support packages from the international community in the form of mediators and envoys from North America and generous cash injections from Europe. At that time, the British and Irish governments and the Clinton administration in Washington DC were fully committed to the “Northern Ireland Project” and some calculated risks were taken by people such as Mo Mowlam. It seemed that we…

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