Gove’s Certificate of Secondary Education

By Jack Satterthwaite 
Mr Gove’s position on education has never been something that has made me very happy with the government. Today has added another level to my, and every other GCSE student’s anguish. For the second year running the amount of students getting higher grades has dropped.
I can’t help but wonder what the benefit of this is.
 If you keep changing around the grades then it is harder to compare with previous years. Will an employer have the time to research the change in what a grade actually means every year. I doubt they will and from an economic point of view they could spend that time making more money which will boost jobs and growth (something the coalition government and the country needs so much)
Lets say we have two people called Jim and Greg  (don’t worry this isn’t a exam question) Jim finished school in 2011 and is starting uni in September. Greg has just collected his GCSE results, so he is two years younger. Jim and Greg each have an identical set of skills and knowledge. Jim got all Cs and Greg got all Ds. Five years later Jim and Greg are going for the same job interview. Jim gets the job easily, despite these two people being identical in every way besides their birthdate. Why? Because of Mr Gove Greg’s grades weren’t enough for him to carry on doing the a levels he wanted. He wasn’t able to go to university like Jim because he didn’t have A levels. Not very fair. It’s not just Greg who loses its thousands like him and the country as a whole. In the future talent that would have been previously recognised will no longer be which I can’t imagine will benefit the future economy of the UK.
Of course I’ve completely skipped over the fact that both Jim or Greg may not have the opportunity to go to university at all thanks to the higher tuition fees, but I’ll save that for another day.
Seems pretty hopeless doesn’t it. But I can’t help but think that elite kids of cabinet ministers will get on in life a bit easier without having to contend with the kids of the working classes.
Jack is currently interning for Stephen Gilbert MP, and the St Austell & Newquay Liberal Democrats.  You can also catch him on Twitter: @JKSatterthwaite

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