Conference: The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome

By Rebecca Tidy

It’s under a week until the Lib Dem Autumn conference, which incidentally, features a number of Liberal Youth organized events, including, the LY Welcome Reception, Rounders in the Park, and Is Teenage Depression being Ignored?

This is the first in a series of short blog posts where Liberal Youth members have been asked to discuss the good, the bad, and the awesome parts of conference!  If you would like to contribute a post to this series then please email Rebecca on

The Good

  • The amazing training sessions.  I’m looking forward to enhancing my Connect knowledge further.


  • The RSPCA fringe.  I love animals.  I love food.  Free food, whilst we talk about how to help animals?  I’m there.  With bells on.


  • Liberal Democrat bingo.  Nine well-known Lib Dems, or well-known Lib Dem-ish things, e.g. sandals, and socks, on a piece of paper, and the first person to get as full house wins.


By the way, as can be seen  above, the Lib Dems were way ahead of the trend on socks with sandals (much like with our policies).

The Bad

  • Any kind of debate about taxation.  It has to be the most boring thing ever.  Why do Lib Dems care quite so much about taxation?  Are we obsessed with it?  You can guarantee that any event focused upon taxation will be bursting at the seams, and you will have to stand up at the back if you don’t get there 20 minutes early…
  • Creepy guys that think it’s okay to hit on you because they are higher up the political, or socio-economic pecking order.  Two words, and the second one is off!  That said, it is good for a bit of entertainment 🙂


The Awesome

  • Meeting new people interested in liberal policies, and making society a better place…


  • Getting to catch up with everyone that I haven’t seen in at least a year.  Those people from that by-election 3 years ago, your favourite MP, that fun organizer from the North of England, that drunk person you haven’t seen since you were in the Jury’s Inn bar in Birmingham in 2011…?

Rebecca works as a Constituency Organiser for the St Austell and Newquay Liberal Democrats.  She tweets at @rebecca_tidy.


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