Liberal Youth: Fancy a trip to Newquay with Steve Gilbert MP?

Stephen Gilbert is inviting you to Newquay from Friday 18th October to Saturday 20th October 2013. 


Steve and the team have planned a weekend of surfing, leaflet delivery, door-knocking, and eating out.  We’ll probably also visit a few bars if anyone fancies it…


If you would like to come join Steve and the St Austell and Newquay team (including my good self), then the local party will pay for your accommodation, food (a mixture of take-aways, eating out, and Cornish pasties), surfing, and an evening event, in return for a few campaign sessions.  The local party have secured a deal on some pretty snazzy accommodation, so everyone will be staying in the same place, in order to add to the fun!


Don’t worry if you haven’t been out campaigning before, as we’ll teach you anything you need to know!  Of course, if you’re an experienced campaigner, then that’d also be super useful.


Steve has also invited friends from across the party, and would love it if you’d also invite your Lib Dem mates…  We’ve got an online sign-up sheet here;, and if you’re on Facebook you can also tell everyone that you’re attending by clicking here:


I’m excited for the weekend, and I’d love it if you joined us! 


Any questions then do feel free to email any of us; my own email address is:


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