A quick note to you from the Chair of IR Cymru

Nine months ago if I had said IR Cymru to you, I am 100% sure most of  you would have quizzically responded: ‘come-again? Not today. In the last 9 months Liberal Youth Wales have gone from strength to strength.

IR Cymru now has 7 branches in every corner of Wales, and we’ve almost trebled our membership. With a strong team behind it, we at the IR Cymru Executive have re-launched our website, we have fundraised to pay for Freshers, and we have done the single largest membership drive in our history, jumping massively from 88 members to well over 200.

This is not all. Within weeks of re-launching, our Policy Officer, Rhys Taylor, had written our now very familiar Fairer Fares transport policy. We then took this not only to Welsh Liberal Democrat conference and had it passed unanimously, but also took it to Liberal Youth Conference in Manchester and had it passed there too.

Speaking of which, we are extremely proud this November to be hosting Liberal Youth Conference in our Capital, Cardiff. We have lined up guest speakers and events to show you all the best Wales, the Welsh Liberal Democrats, and IR Cymru have to offer. We will be giving you a VIP tour, by our South Wales Central Regional Assembly Member Eluned Parrot AM, of the Senedd (the Welsh Assembly). We will be welcomed to Cardiff by none-other than the Lib Dems junior whip Jenny Willott MP, and we will be giving you another opportunity to experience another of Kirsty Williams AM’s, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, unique fire brand speeches which we have all come to know and love. If you do not know and love them yet you will be sure to by the end of Cardiff Liberal Youth Conference.

As Chair of IR Cymru I am already incredibly proud that in less than 12 months IR Cymru has gone from nought to sixty. We have been at the top table when Liberal Youth have been driving through immense changes to help represent the membership better. In IR Cymru this has been a commitment which has driven us forward, reaching out to more members in more branches and instilling faith once more in Liberal Youth Wales and what it has to offer our members.

I would like to personally invite you to join us at Conference in Cardiff and experience first-hand not only what Wales has to offer, we will be bringing Welsh Cakes, but to come to the land of David Lloyd George, where the Liberal movement grew strong and is growing strong once more. Our promise to you is Conference in Cardiff will be like no other conference before it, just as IR Cymru has done things like no other Liberal Youth organisation before it.

I look forward to seeing you on November 8th.

 Sam Bennett

Chair of IR Cymru



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