LYE Decides: The Chair Hustings

As we’re sure most even occasional frequenters of the LY Chatbox will be aware that Liberal Youth England elections are currently in full swing. With voting opening tonight, the two Chair candidates have just taken part in an online hustings hosted by outgoing LYE Chair Connor McKenzie.

The hour long hustings can be watched now on YouTube here, and is well worth a watch before casting your vote:

So who are the two candidates? Luckily, The Libertine can provide you with a short summary of both of the new members competing for your support:

Ciarán Morrissey

Ciaran is a third-year philosophy student at the University of York and Chair of the University of York Liberal Democrats.

Key Pledges

In his manifesto, Ciaran pledges to prioritize young professionals and non-students in Liberal Youth, holding ice-breakers and socials regionally, and wants to create a stronger network of communication between LYE and University and FE society chairs.

Ciaran also wants to improve links between local youth members and their local parties. One of the ways he plans to do this is by producing a handbook for LYE members containing details of the executives of local parties, the details of regional LYE chairs, and descriptions of local party roles as well as a rough estimation of their time commitment.

He also wants to encourage more LYE members to run for wider elected office, and has committed to ensuring LYE plays its part in fighting local, devolved and PCC elections next year.

Sophie Thornton

Sophie is a second year politics and IR student at the University of Birmingham and the current LYE West Midlands Regional Chair. She is also Campaigns Officer of the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats.

Key Pledges

Sophie’s number one pledge is to continue the Branch Development Fund which provides funds for developing local youth parties. She also wants to relaunch the Community Campaign with more available online resources and increase LYE’s social media presence.

She also wants greater autonomy for LYE, to set up campaign training in association with ALDC and a summer campaigning “Action Week”.

Further to that, Sophie pledges increased communications transparency and to hold an anonymous survey where LYE members of minority groups can voice concerns without having to disclose their identities.

You can find links to both of their manifestos here:

Ciaran – Manifesto

Sophie – Manifesto


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