Scotland and the EU

In the unlikely event that we will leave the European Union, for many Scots it will mean another chance at independence. I for one would be more inclined to vote to leave the British Union if we were to leave the EU.The EU plays a key part in the day to day events of the U.K and is a vital part of trade deals.

Scotland has a population of around 6.47M (2010) and in 2014 they had a choice to make weather to leave the union and risk losing the EU or to remain in. Scotland decided to remain in and in 2015 the SNP went onto a “successful” general election win. Not only did the General Election help to highlight the issue of first past the post voting system, it also meant the loss of many Scottish views. Now the 56 Snp MPs (sorry 54) must represent the views of all of their constituents. Some do very well others are a bit occupied being an MP, MsP, Radio host, and Author, all at the same time.

If we were to leave the EU this would be dangerous for the Scottish marketplace. As a student in the hospitality industry I witness first hand  that EU visitors account for a large portion custom. I also know that the EU is vital for funding to Scotland’s colleges. I recently had to complete a form for my current course as the funding from tuition fees isn’t enough. Without the EU I may not be able to get a uni degree.


The EU to me is a great thing, but the vote to leave the EU is complicated. If Scotland votes to remain in but then the UK as a whole votes to leave this creates a sticky situation. Overall the UK would struggle, and Scotland would be hit the hardest. The benefits such as free movement of people, european funding for study years abroad, and the EU arrest warrant.

The issue of us leaving the EU would easily be a trigger for another independence referendum and with all honesty I would be more inclined to vote Yes. This is not because I dislike the union but I would feel safer if I weren’t part of a union that left a union. The U.K. And EU are both very good unions, however it is hard to argue to stay in the uk if it voted to leave.

The freedom of movement within the EU for many provides jobs either long term or short term both in the uk and abroad. Many students go on holiday abroad and many work abroad during the holidays. This is great; not only is there social interaction with different countries when you are abroad on holiday or working but there’s also great social interaction when residents visit Scotland and the UK.


Overall I feel that Scotland is a great country and would be at a serious disadvantage if it left the European Union.Moreover, if it did, it would be far more in a position to leave the UK as a result.



One thought on “Scotland and the EU

  1. I agree that Scotland leaving is a serious risk, but this article makes the assumption that Scotland would gain EU membership if it left the UK. Alex Salmond reportedly lied about getting legal advice on this in an interview in the lead-up to the indy referendum. If Scotland votes to leave the UK because the UK votes to leave the EU, it could end up in a worse out in the cold completely.

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