Open Letter to the Federal Executive of the Liberal Democrats

Dear members of the Federal Executive of the Liberal Democrats,

I first wrote to you on the 12th of November last year expressing our concern regarding the current structure of the party’s Federal committees and the changes Liberal Youth believes are necessary.

It has become increasingly clear to members of Liberal Youth that the party would benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge that young members of the Liberal Democrats possess with regards to both issues that concern young people, and wider issues such as access within the party.

Liberal Youth is the only constitutionally specified SAO in the party, and, further to this, it is the only SAO to which young and student members of the party automatically belong without having to opt in. As such, it feels obvious now that Liberal Youth, now being the largest voting bloc in the party, to be intimately involved in the decision-making process of the wider party.

This is already the case in both Scotland and Wales, where appropriate executive officers of the relevant state organisations of Liberal Youth (Ieuenctid Rhyddfrydol Cymru and Liberal Youth Scotland) sit on their Conference, Campaigns, Policy, and Executive Committees. In England too, LY England members sit on the English Council and Executive. It strikes us as peculiar that the same settlement is not imitated federally: if the Welsh, Scottish and English Liberal Democrats are able to trust their respective youth wings, it is surprising that the Federal Party does not do the same.

Through including Liberal Youth in the party committees of the federal party (as it already does for the FPC), it sends a clear message that Liberal Youth and the wider party of the Liberal Democrats are working together for the purposes of promoting a more liberal United Kingdom, and not in opposition to each other. This is especially important after we highlighted a number of concerns regarding ageism in the party that do not seem to be reflected in Wales in particular, where Liberal Youth membership of their main committees is automatic.


Liberal Youth now has around 7,000 members nationwide, many of which are new to the party since May. Before us now is an opportunity to show new members that they made the right decision in joining the Liberal Democrats, because it is the only party to take the views of its young people seriously.


We therefore call on the Federal Executive to include in its proposals significant reform of the committee system so that relevant members of the Liberal Youth executive do as their state counterparts do, and sit on the FCC, FPC and the FE.


Thank you,


Charlie Kingsbury

Co-Chair of Liberal Youth, former youth representative on the Welsh Conference and National Executive Committees


Michael Chappell

Co-Chair of Liberal Youth


Norman Lamb MP
Member of Parliament for North Norfolk


Tessa Munt

Honorary President of Liberal Youth, Former Member of Parliament for Wells


Alexandra White

Vice Chair of Liberal Youth, Former Vice Chair for Campaigns of Liberal Youth Scotland


Cllr Emily Tester

Policy Officer for Liberal Youth, LY representative on FPC, Town Councillor in Littlehampton, Chair of London School of Economics Liberal Democrats,


Sophie Thornton
Chair of Liberal Youth England; Campaigns Officer of University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats


Nathan Isaacson

Co-Events Officer of Liberal Youth


Tara Murray

Co-Events Officer of Liberal Youth


Nomi Farhi,

Membership Development Officer of Liberal Youth, Chair of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats


Emily “Ems” Simpson

Co-Welfare and Access Officer of Liberal Youth; Digital Media Officer of University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats


Charley Hasted

Co-Welfare and Access Officer of Liberal Youth, DEG rep for Liberal Youth


Callum Delhoy

Non-Portfolio Officer of Liberal Youth


Ryan Cairns

Campaigns Officer of Liberal Youth


Ab Brightman

International Officer, Liberal Youth & Member of the Federal Party’s International Relations Committee


Joshua Dixon

Lib Dem Federal Executive Member


Caron Lindsay

Federal Executive member, Scottish Party Treasurer who can vouch that this works well in Scotland.


Cllr Neil Fawcett

Member of Federal Executive, Candidate for Honorary Vice-President Liberal Youth


Isabelle Cherry

Co-Vice Chair (Membership) of Liberal Youth England


Rachel Edwards

Co-Vice Chair (Membership) of Liberal Youth England


Harry Samuels

Vice-Chair, Campaigns, Liberal Youth England; Junior Co-Chair, Oxford University Liberal Democrats


Stuart Wheatcroft

National Member of Liberal Youth England, former Chair of Liberal Youth England


Jack Hughes

National Executive Member of Liberal Youth England; Liberal Democrats East Midlands Regional executive member.


Tom Davies

Co-Editor, The Libertine; Chair of Yorkshire and the Humber Liberal Youth


Bambi St Jay

Chair of London Liberal Youth


Henry Foulds

Co-Chair, East Midlands Liberal Youth; youngest disabled person to stand for election in the UK


Louise Kandler

Chair of South Central Liberal Youth, Treasurer of Oxford University Liberal Democrats


Chloe Hutchinson

Policy Officer for IR Cymru (LY Wales) and youth representative to the Welsh Policy Committee


Gurleen Kaur

Non-Portfolio Officer for IR Cymru (LY Wales)


Trudi Hancock

Communications Officer, IR Cymru (LY Wales)


George Potter

Chair of Surrey Liberal Youth, Member of the FPC Social Security Working Group


Elliott Banks

Member, Liberal Youth


Dr. Timothy J. Oliver

Candidate for Honorary Vice-President Liberal Youth


Bradley Hillier-Smith

Camden Borough Organiser and LY member


Gareth-Stuart Roderick Ogg

Former Vice Chair (Communications) Liberal Youth Scotland, and LY member


Mike Green

Former LYE Exec Member


Cadan ap Tomos

Youngest Welsh Lib Dem 2016 Assembly Candidate (Cardiff West and South Wales Central); Member of the Welsh National Executive Committee


Hannah Bettsworth

Former Co-Chair of Liberal Youth Scotland; LYS representative to the Scottish Executive; Scottish Liberal Democrat Candidate for Edinburgh Central and Lothian Region


Eilidh Macfarlane

Former Liberal Youth Communications Officer; Former Liberal Youth Campaigns Officer; Former Co-Chair of Oxford University Liberal Democrats


Joe Toovey

English Council member (LY delegation); Treasurer, Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats


Robin Rea

Former Liberal Youth Campaigns Officer


Lee Dargue,

Honorary Vice President, Liberal Youth

Chair, Lib Dem Mental Health Association


Tristan Gray

Policy Committee Member of Liberal Youth, Scottish Parliamentary Candidate


Joanne Ferguson

Co-Editor of The Libertine; Glasgow Liberal Youth Chair


Theo Scott

Member, Liberal Youth Scotland


Anne Cremin

Former Secretary, Oxford University Liberal Democrats


Nassar Kessell

Campaign Organiser, Watford.


Julia Wright

Honorary President, Durham University Liberal Thinkers


Tatiana Simpson

Candidate for Liberal Youth East of England Regional Chair


Ciarán Morrissey

Chair, University of York Liberal Democrats


Stace Williams

Former Vice Chair, Liberal Youth, Candidate for Honorary Vice-President Liberal Youth


Thomas Hughes

Member, IR Cymru


Jezz Palmer

Member, Liberal Youth


Jake Short
Member, Liberal Youth


John Grout

Member, Liberal Youth; Data Officer, Greater Reading Liberal Democrats


Matt Downey

Former Chair of Liberal Youth England


Harry Matthews

Member, Liberal Youth


Jean Vila

Former Chair, Oxford University Liberal Democrats


Gabriel Bramley

Non-Portfolio Officer, University of York Liberal Democrats


David Green

Member of the Scottish Party Executive and former President of Liberal Youth Scotland.


Sophia Nash

Member, Liberal Youth


Rhys Taylor

Former Liberal Youth Wales Policy Officer and Welsh Assembly Candidate 2016


Callum Taylor-Maher

Member, Liberal Youth


Huw James

Member, Liberal Youth


Ian Morton

Secretary, South Central Region


Maria Munir

Vice Chair and Secretary, University of York Liberal Democrats; Youth Representative on Executive Committee, Watford Liberal Democrats; Co-organiser of Hertfordshire Liberal Youth; Candidate for Watford Borough Council


Andrew “Andy” McKay
Ex-Senior Co-Chair, Oxford University Liberal Democrat


Hannah Winslade

Member, Liberal Youth


Dr Maria Pretzler
Member of the Welsh National Policy Committee, member Swansea & Gower Liberal Democrats


Callum Southern

Member, Co-Chair of East Midlands Liberal Youth, Treasurer of University of Nottingham Liberal Democrats


Chris Nelson

Chair, Northamptonshire Lib Dem County Coordinating Committee.

2015 PPC for Wellingborough & 2010 PPC for Kettering.


Cllr Jacquie Gammon

Member North Cornwall Lib Dem Executive


Cllr Mark Cole

Ceredigion County Councillor for Cardigan-Rhydyduwch Ward



Michael Beckett

Scarborough and Whitby Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Spokesperson. Yorkshire and the Humber Liberal Democrats Executive Committee Member


Aaron Chahal

Chair,  FXU Liberal Democrats


Billy Blake

Member, Liberal Youth


Gavin Grant

Chair of Western Counties Liberal Democrats, Chair of North Wiltshire Liberal Democrats


James Hutchinson

Member, Liberal Youth


Rev. Simon Wilson
Vice-Chair, West Norfolk Liberal Democrats


Richard Brett

Chair of the English Candidates Committee


Jack Davies

Chair of New Forest Liberal Democrats


Jacqui Sullivan

Chair of Welsh Conference Committee


Dr. Margaret Joachim

Vice-Chair of the English Party and Chair of the Regional Parties Committee


Robert Hardware

Former Chair, Aberystwyth University Liberal Democrats

Chair, Streatham Liberal Democrats


Laura Davies

Member, Braintree & Witham Liberal Democrats


Callum Webb

Member, Liberal Youth


Oliver Shore

Member, Liberal Youth


Will Wilshere

Member, Liberal Youth


Amy Gaskin

Member, IR Cymru (LY Wales)


Bethany Frost

Treasurer, Lancaster University Liberal Democrats


Brian Stokes

Liberal Youth England Exec Member


Mark Smyth

Ex-Senior Co-chair, Oxford University Liberal Democrats; Former South Central LY chair.


Cllr Andrew Martin

Councillor, Bolton MBC; former Campaigns Director, Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats; 2015 PPC Bolton West


Elliot Barbeary

Member, Liberal Youth


Steve Jarvis

Chair, English Party


Dipa Vaya

Co-organiser for Herts LY


Cosmo Lupton

Member, Liberal Youth


Paul Halliday
Returning Officer Liberal Youth


Luke Chapman

Liberal Youth South East Regional Chairman and Liberal Youth International Committee Member


Kevin McNamara

2016 Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate (Essex)

2015 Ealing North Parliamentary Candidate


Cllr Martin Smith

Town Councillor in Bognor Regis


Jack Dryden

Member, Liberal Youth


Jack Worrall

Member, Liberal Youth


Emma-Louise Rose

Member, Liberal Youth



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