A libertine is one free from the restraint of social norms and religious morals

Welcome to The Libertine – the online blogging platform for young Liberal Democrats.

This is the place to discuss the issues that matter most to our generation. Whether it be local, national or international politics or if there’s an experience with Liberal Youth or Liberal Democrats you want to tell people about – all is welcome.

We know there’s already another place that is “our place to talk” called Lib Dem Voice, and actually we like them very much. This is just another platform especially for the younger members of the party, because we don’t always want to talk about the same things.

Our bloggers won’t always match Liberal Democrat policy, and none of the views here are Liberal Youth’s unless otherwise stated, but we aim to encourage debate and dissent.

We also think that the meeting of young minds is quite an exciting thing. Innovation. Creativity. Ambition. This is where big ideas come from. We hope that by providing this platform we are in a small way helping those ideas come to fruition.

If you are interested in writing for The Libertine then don’t hesitate, sign up now. We have a very open (you could say liberal) policy on topic choices so whatever it is you want to get off your chest, get in touch!

Get blogging!

Michael Tavares
Editor of The Libertine and Non-Portfolio Officer at Liberal Youth

P.S. Make sure you check out www.liberalyouth.org for more information about the youth and student wing of the Liberal Democrats