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Join Liberal Youth in Strasbourg!

The International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) has just opened up registration for their event ‘Rights4Youth Summit: Access of young people to human rights‘, and we are delighted to invite you to attend!Image

The event will be held in Strasbourg, France from 20-23rd April (with travel on the 19th and 24th). As well as the usual fun meeting and hanging out with young liberals from around the world, the Summit will attempt to outline what a rights-based approach for youth could mean from a liberal perspective, as well as analyse and discover ways how to promote the access of youth to rights on national and European levels and what roles political youth organisations can play.

The participation fee is only 100 euros (including food and accommodation too!) and 80% of your travel costs are covered (up to 200 euros). All you have to do is fill in this form by April 1st and wait to see if you get a place!

For more information please check out this and you can find the facebook event here for updates.

The above form will ask for LY contact details – please use (Conor is our International Officer). If you have any questions then please get in touch with Conor or Ab Brightman –
We really hope you decide to go for it, it’ll be an awesome experience!
Note: please only apply if you are a current member of Liberal Youth or your application will be rejected.
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Liberal Youth Reaction to Clegg’s Immigration Speech

Liberal Youth’s statement on today’s speech by Nick Clegg’s on immigration policy.

Nick Clegg’s announcement on immigration will damage his plans to build a stronger economy in a fairer society. Immigration is fundamental to building a stronger economy, and a fairer society cannot exist whilst there is discrimination of nationality.

If Nick Clegg truly wants to enable everyone to get on in life, he should re-consider this new illiberal stance on immigration.

Liberal Youth oppose Nick Clegg’s ‘security bonds’ policy, which will stifle foreign entrepreneurship and investment in Britain. We should be encouraging people to start up businesses in here, which create jobs and economic growth.  We cannot say we are being open and tolerant on immigration, whilst putting up further barriers to those who want to come into this country, to work and to get on.

Nick Clegg has failed to learn from Labour’s mistakes on immigration, by proposing a bloated bureaucratic solution which is neither liberal nor economically viable.

Kavya Kaushik, Co-Chair of Liberal Youth says:

Nick Clegg’s ‘security bond’ policy will damage his plans to build a stronger economy in a fairer society.  This policy is economically flawed, patronising to those who want to come to Britain and get on, and a betrayal of the party’s liberal values

Liberal Youth urges this policy to be reconsidered and a truly liberal and economically viable approach taken instead.

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Liberal Youth expresses itself on Syria

This letter was sent to Nick Clegg MP, and Deputy Prime Minister, and Martin Horwood MP, chair of the Lib Dem International Relations  team, by Liberal Youth in an official capacity.

Dear Sir,

As a community of internationalist young liberals, Liberal Youth is deeply saddened by the litany of distressing news about the civil war in Syria. It is our belief that this bitter and savage
struggle, which has now claimed the lives of around 70,000 Syrians, is primarily the result of the actions of the dictator Bashar al-Assad. His refusal to accept the democratic aspirations of his
people has, we believe, sparked a conflict which is now in its third year.

However, we are also concerned about the desire of the British and French Governments to lift a European Union arms embargo and supply weapons to the rebel Free Syrian Army. We feel
that this is an irresponsible move which would fan the flames of conflict and destroy the last remaining hopes of a negotiated political solution.

Furthermore, we fear that arms may fall into the hands of Islamists whose ideologies are inimical to British interests. Even more so than Libya’s National Transitional Council, the
Syrian National Coalition is divided and weak; moreover, the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra front is generally considered a terrorist organisation, yet is one of the strongest opponents of the Syrian
Government. Guns do not share our democratic values, and in this volatile region we should be wary of the consequences of even more weapons arriving.

In conclusion, Liberal Youth supports all humanitarian aid and efforts at a political solution. But we think that shipping arms to Syria is very unwise, and urge you, as a senior Liberal Democrat,
to make this case in Government.


Reece Edmends, Liberal Youth Non-Portfolio Officer
Lee Dargue, Liberal Youth Vice-President
David Green, Liberal Youth Scotland Chair
Euan Davidson, Liberal Youth Scotland Campaigns Officer
Sam Bennett, IR Cymru Chair

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Liberal Youth Elections

Below is a message from Caron Lindsay, Returning Officer for Liberal Youth’s upcoming elections. Here is the full message, followed by job descriptions under the ‘read more’ tag. The deadline for nominations is midnight, Friday 19th of April. Please contact Caron at lyelections [at] for more information.

Nominations are now open for Liberal Youth’s annual elections.

This means that any Liberal Youth member may put themselves forward for any position on Liberal Youth’s Executive or other committees. I will also simultaneously be running the elections for Liberal Youth England (Liberal Scotland and Liberal Youth Wales/IR Cymru run their elections separately) – a full list of roles is below. 

If you wish to stand for any of these positions please email your nomination, to by midnight, Friday 19th April. Any nominations received after this time will not be accepted. Your nomination must include:

  • Candidate’s Name
  • Candidate’s Membership Number
  • Candidate’s Local Party
  • Position standing for
  • Candidate’s Email Address
  • Candidate’s Telephone Number
  • Candidate’s Postal Address
  • The names and membership numbers of two members of LY nominating the candidate
  • The written consent of the candidate to be nominated for election

I must also receive, by the close of nominations, from each candidate a manifesto no larger than one side of A5, either as a PDF or word format.  This may include any artwork you wish but if it contains any endorsements must be accompanied by written verification of the individual providing the endorsement.  Two people may stand jointly for a job share for any of these roles, for more details please see the LY constitution or contact me.

The positions available for election are:

Executive Committee

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Campaigns Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Events Officer
  • Finance Officer
  • Membership Development Officer
  • International Officer
  • Policy Officer
  • 2x Non Portfolio Officers

Full job descriptions for the executive positions can be found on below and in the Liberal Youth Constitution.

Other Posts for Election

  • Convener of Liberal Youth England
  • Devon and Cornwall Regional Chair
  • Western Counties Regional Chair
  • South East Regional Chair
  • South Central Regional Chair
  • London Regional Chair
  • East of England Regional Chair
  • East Midlands Regional Chair
  • West Midlands Regional Chair
  • Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Chair
  • North West Regional Chair
  • North East Regional Chair
  • 4x Conference Committee Members
  • 4x Policy Committee Members
  • 4x International Committee Members

Please note that elections in 2013 may be conducted using an electronic voting system.  All members without a working email address will receive a postal ballot.
To opt OUT of electronic voting, and receive a postal ballot, please email no later than Friday 19th April.

Finally, informal interviews with candidates will take place on the Libertine [details will follow here later – Morgan, editor] Liberal Youth’s official blogging platform, which I encourage all potential candidates to take part in.  From Saturday 20th April, you will also be able to view all the candidates manifestos via this link [to be added later – Morgan, editor].

If you have any questions about the election process please email me at

Best of luck to you all,

Caron Lindsay, Returning Officer, Liberal Youth.

Join the conversation on Facebook

Want to chat with other like-minded people about issues that affect young people? Want to chat politics and debate current issues? Then why not  like our official Facebook page and then  check out our Facebook Liberal Youth Chatbox group today? It’s a great way to say hi and meet new people, too!

Job descriptions under the ‘read more’ tab Continue reading

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Liberal Youth Policy Consultation Results

Liberal Youth is conducting a Policy Consultation ahead of Federal Conference in Brighton. Here are some preliminary results presented by Policy Officer, Will Dyer. Enjoy! You can still take part in the consultation, details are below.

It should firstly be stated that this policy consultation does not make the following results the official position of Liberal Youth.  Liberal Youth policy is formally decided at Liberal Youth Conference, the next being this summer.

Yet this consultation does raise some policy issues.  Firstly, it should be noted that this is based upon the first 80 responses – a figure that is over double the turnout at the last Liberal Youth Conference.  Furthermore, with the Federal party starting its consultation on these topics tomorrow, it gives us the chance to feedback instantly what Liberal Youth members think and ensure our voice is heard in the 2015 manifesto process.  Although the results cannot be said to be Liberal Youth Policy, they are the views of many of our members.

Continue reading

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Another chance to join the Liberal Youth team

Regret not standing in the recent Liberal Youth elections? Feel you have something to contribute? Loved Eastleigh and want to help the next campaign?

This is a chance to shape the future of Liberal Youth, in what looks to be an exciting few months for the organisation.

The following positions are up for co-option:

  • Vice Chair
  • England Convener
  • International Committee Member

Nominations are open until Monday 11th March, after which voting will last for 24 hours.

In co-options, executive committees vote.  For Vice Chair, the federal Liberal Youth Executive vote and for England Convener, the English Liberal Youth Executive Vote. Likewise the International Committee and Policy Committee will vote for their new member.

The nominate yourself you will need to provide the following information:
Full Name
Postal Address
Email Address
Mobile Number
Membership Number
Membership numbers & names of 2 other Liberal Youth members who are nominating you.
200 words on why you will be good for the role.

Please send these to our Returning Officer – Caron Lindsay – at  caronsmusings [at] with the subject title “LY co-options” before Monday 11th March 5pm.


Nominations Open: 4th March
Nominations Close: 11th March 5pm
Voting Opens:  12th March 5pm
Voting Closes:  13th March 5pm
Results announced: 13th March

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Team EastLY – We Made A Difference

This by-election was incredibly important to the party, as you might have guessed.  Liberal Youth needed to step up.  We did.  This was by far Liberal Youth’s biggest and best by-election campaign yet, crucially make a difference right when it mattered. People on the doorstep, and our fellow members. warmed to seeing so many young members campaigning.

With the campaign able to provide reasonable travel expenses, £10 a day for food and accommodation for young members, it broke a lot of barriers that previously stopped young people campaigning.  For this we must thank Dan Purchese on the campaigns staff.  Whilst our Tory counter-parts were charging members for travel, we were helping ours with the cost.

This meant Team EastLY on the ground was a huge success.  At our action weekend we had around 100 Liberal Youth members campaigning in Eastleigh.   To see the campaign HQ full of young people was uplifting for everyone involved.  We kept our buzz going with a Liberal Youth Rally hosted by Mike Thornton which was great way of getting us together and fired up.

Throughout the campaign there was always a group of Liberal Youth members, giving a boost to whoever they went out campaigning with.

But we didn’t just have boots on the ground! Liberal Youth branches up and down the country held phone banking sessions on campuses, usually involving pizza.  The initial Obama campaign realised the power of students calling, often citing it as a crucial factor in his early campaign for the Democrat nomination.  When they asked young supporters to make 5 calls, they made 50.  The same applies to Liberal Youth.  Members practically lived on Connect throughout the campaign and constantly beat targets.  Branches in the north of the country showed that it doesn’t matter where you are, you can make a difference.

So yes, Liberal Youth supplied record number of young activists and ran an amazing phone banking operation.  However this wasn’t the main success of Liberal Youth’s Eastleigh campaign.

When Kav & I ran for Co-Chair of Liberal Youth we wanted ‘an energised and engaged community of young liberals’.  That is why I want to focus on the personal stories, the friendships built and great times shared because its this that made the Liberal Youth campaign so inspiring.

Take Vash, a school student from Gloucester.  She only joined the party last month and turned up by herself to the campaign HQ to get involved despite not knowing a single person there.   The welcoming atmosphere at HQ meant you were never without conversation or cake.

Matt Downey, the celebrity of the campaign, who missed his birthday and Valentine’s Day campaigning to get Mike elected.  Everyone who heard that story gained another spring in their step.

Andrew Emmerson, who re-joined the party only last week and left the business he runs to spend time campaigning for Mike Thornton.

Those who took long bus journeys from Scotland and the north of England, travelling for hours on end just to make the Liberal Youth action weekend.

Students who, when they initially paid for their train ticket, saw their bank balance next to £0 before claiming their subsidy.  The party has to remember students struggle to pay their next heating bill, but still spend so much on campaigning to get Liberal Democrats elected.

The story I heard the most was “I am really nervous Sam, I have never campaigned before …what if I’m rubbish”.   Well, everyone who said that was persuaded to come and loved their time in Eastleigh.

This Liberal Youth campaign was all about the financial sacrifices made, degrees put on hold and weekends off work spent campaigning far away.

So to those saying Congratulations to me, Kav or the Exec I say – stop.  The Thanks you really owe is to those who could not afford to come but still did, to those who were petrified about coming and to those had never campaigned before.  They made it happen.

This Liberal Youth campaign was a joy to be a part of from the outset.  We made a difference in a close election.

What next?

We’re going to be at Federal Conference in Brighton holding fringes, running a policy consultation and this May making a difference again in getting more Liberal Democrats elected.

My email is – if you want to donate, offer advice or help for that May campaign get in touch.  Likewise if you have suggestions on how we can improve our campaigns for May please tell us.

If you are a Liberal Youth member then join the Liberal Youth Facebook forum, come to the next Liberal Youth event and make a difference today.

Sam is Co-Chair of Liberal Youth.

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LY Campaigning in Eastleigh: Come join Team EastLY

Its by-election time and Liberal Youth need to help get a Liberal Democrat elected! We are neck and neck with the Tories in Eastleigh which means every phone call and leaflet delivered will make a real difference!

This is going to require a big team effort from Liberal Youth; here are the ways you can help.

Come to Eastleigh –

We can provide reasonable travel expenses, accommodation and £10 for food per day.  This means even if you’re a student and low on money, you can still come and campaign in person in Eastleigh.  There will be lots of big party names there, as well as lots of young liberals.  Please come any time you can.

The form for registering is here. If you have any queries, please contact katherine.pugh [at]

We’ll also be hosting a big Liberal Youth action weekend on the 23rd & 24th February.  There are guaranteed to be lots of young liberals to meet and a social atmosphere whilst we campaign.  This will be vital in helping the campaign’s last big push before polling day on Thursday 28th February.

A facebook event can be found here

Phone Banking:

Can’t make it down? No worries, there is still plenty for you to do!

The Lib Dems have a system called Connect which allows you to phone canvass from anywhere in the country! It will give you names, numbers and a script.

Why not make this a social event with your branch: “Eastleigh pizza and politics” can combine campaigning, chatting and eating!

Organise your event today and post a picture on this facebook page.

You can sign up to connect here

With the Tory candidate coming out against equal marriage, it’s up to us to ensure another liberal gets elected.  So get organised and get campaigning, it’s going to be a fun few weeks!

For updates follow the hash tag     #EastLY

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Birmingham LY campaign on equal marriage

The Liberal Democrat society at the University of Birmingham is very pleased to announce a joint campaign with the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual, Transsexual, and Queer Association on the topic of equal marriage. At the moment, we are organising to hold a joint event to signal our unwavering support for the equal marriage proposals put forward by the government.

Jonny Wharrad, Chair of the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats, said: “Given the recent proposals put forwards by the Coalition government, I feel that this is a fantastic opportunity for those in favour of equal marriage to really get their voices heard. I am really excited at the ideas proposed at our initial planning meeting, and I hope to see a great turnout at the event”.

The Liberal Democrats, in Government, are promoting an agenda of equal rights and equal opportunities for all in society.

Watch this space for future events, action days, and talks on this crucial topic.

Thanks to the University of Birmingham branch of LY for letting us know about their campaigns. If your branch has done something you want to shout about, get in touch with the Libertine or the editor, Morgan Griffith-David.

Follow the University of Birmingham on twitter and Chair Jonny Wharrad.

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Liberal Youth condemns University of Aleppo attack

Liberal Youth condemns the attack on the University of Aleppo in Syria which has killed 82 students to date. “All students have the right to study without fear” said Liberal Youth International Officer, Conor McKenzie.

On the 15th of January, two explosions rocked the campus between the halls of residence and the architecture facility. The Bashar al-Assad regime blames the rebels, while rebel sources claim the explosions were the result of plane strikes on the campus by the Syrian air force.

Carnage at the University of Aleppo

Students have claimed the atmosphere on campus is not ‘conducive to study’. Three checkpoints surround the campus, and only around 10% of registered students have been coming to classes. While it is in government-held Aleppo, the University has been central to the protests in the northwestern region of Syria. Demonstrations on campus have reportedly been brutally repressed.

“All students have the right to study without fear” said Liberal Youth International Officer, Conor McKenzie. “While we in Britain only have to worry about retakes, those in Syria now have to worry about armed conflict. No student, no individual, should suffer under such conditions.”

Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary General said “such heinous attacks are unacceptable and must stop immediately. All combatting parties in Syria must abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law.”

Liberal Youth hopes for a speedy resolution to the conflict, and for all parties to recognise the basic human rights of all individuals currently in Syria, whatever their political allegiance.

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